Why buy Sony's new $599 Blu-ray player when a PS3 costs the same ?

For Blu-ray to be a success, Sony needs players in people's homes, and that's where the new BDP-S300 comes in at US $599 – 40% less than the previous $999 model. Wouldn't the PS3 be the preferred option for most digital consumers?

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TheMART4303d ago

Buy neither, Sony's disc laserlens is known to give up and give errors after a short period of time. Watch the PS2 horror stories. PS3 probably will get it also.

Get some high quality stuff. Like the HD-DVD, it's cheaper, better image, better content

Merovee4303d ago

Can you explain why my launch day PS2 still works just fine? Apparently propper care has more to do with some things than does the company that makes it. Now if we really want to go into massive hardware failure...

big_tim4303d ago

have purchased the $1000 version when the PS3 was cheaper? Now they can buy them both for the same. The articles tile is stupid. It was similar to the DVD player when the PS2 was 150 or so. Why would people buy a standalone for 150 when you could get the PS2 for the same?

The PS3 will continue to sell. It is a game machine first, player second no matter what The Mart says. Not the other way around.

Cheaper Blueray players means better competition with HD-DVD. It puts it around the same price as a HD-DVD stand alone. This is good for those who are not interested in games.

MikeGdaGod4303d ago

this is the same point me and all my buddies have been making months ago.

GaMr-4303d ago

You will see more moves by Sony make more sense and come to light as time goes by. And guys like TheMart (who I would like to point out has the first post here as in every Sony article) will get more and more desperate. Look at his post. Its like he gave up He has no more reasoning. Now he's just blaintenly throwing pointless hate and ridiculous statements.

Guys in all honest. I seriously think TheMart is Peter Moore.

MikeGdaGod4303d ago

i can't look at his post cause i already ignored him

Boink4303d ago

maybe some people don't want a game console?

maybe some people don't want a 12 pound behemoth in their living room, especially if they just want movies?

but hey, good news, the 600$ blu-ray player, play's CD's. the 1000$ did NOT. sad...

True Gamer4303d ago

The PS3 is $600 and can play CD's, DVD's, and Blu-ray Disks.

It can also play PS1, PS2, and PS3 games.

So I guess the PS3 has the best value right now for people looking for a Blu-ray Player and Games Console.

Boink4303d ago

you mean it can play SOME ps1 and ps2 games, (especially if you live in europe):)

the point is buying a ps3 because it's the cheapest blu-ray player, is no longer a valid argument.

people who don't want a games console, won't buy it as they have a choice now. I think sony shot themselves in the foot with this one, although it was inevitable, blu-ray players will soon be cheaper then the ps3, which will cut into their market share.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4303d ago

I was in my local Gamestop this morning and had the chance to try out the machine, WOW :~)! No more stupid Sony jokes from me. The PS3 is the real deal and Lair, Motorstorm or absolutely amazing. ;~0 PS3, here I come.

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The story is too old to be commented.