9.6 Killzone 2 Review

Melodramatic preambles aside - and we're setting our stall out unusually early here - Killzone 2 is, without doubt, a cast-iron system seller. Of course, while its ability to replicate the hardware interest conjured up by a certain Xbox flagship title in 2001 remains to be seen, if the saturated first-person shooter genre hasn't completely dulled the senses of gamers everywhere then Killzone 2 stands an extremely good chance of attaining that elusive 'killer app' status.

In this fanboy-driven world of perpetual one-upmanship and penis-shaped hardware envy, it's rare to see a high-profile gaming release emerge unscathed from the intense focus and rumour that surrounds its development, yet Killzone 2 does exactly that. This is largely because development studio Guerrilla Games, rather than crumbling beneath mounting pressure and expectations spawned from a thoroughly mediocre PlayStation 2 original, has clearly processed the criticism, learnt from the competition, and lovingly crafted a quite breathtaking sequel.

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Timberland2K93571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Killzone 2 Rocks 3 times fast
are they on metacritic

eagle213571d ago

Counting down the days. :p

Traveler3571d ago

I know. I can't wait either. What's nice, too, is that several of my Xbox 360-only buddies are buying PS3s to play this game, so it will be nice to get to play with them. Killzone 2 is a true system seller.

Alexious3571d ago

This is a serious review. I guess less famous websites have far less pressure from their *cough* sponsors to put down competitors' games.

RoyBoys3571d ago

Can you play offline multiplayer with bots splitscreen?????

shingo3571d ago

NO splitscreen in this game, ever. It's confirmed by GG. The too awesome graphics can't be handled within more than one single screen. That's what GG said. (^_^)

Blaze9293571d ago

It can be handled and they never said that. They said making split-screen would be too time consuming and draw too much resources to basically render everything twice and would delay the game longer to make sure its nailed right. Split-screen wouldve been nice though, had plans to play this with my little brother but oh well

Rythrine3571d ago

If you divide this "awesome" graphics in two, it'll blow your tv out. As of now, no tv or hdtv is compatible with KZ2 splitscreen that's why GG opted to take it out. It will be in KZ3 though, once the technology catches up to KZ2's graphical capabilities. J/K

25 more days to go for Doomsday!

MegaMohsi3571d ago

the score actually goes well with the review that's written, which rarely happens with game reviews these days.

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The story is too old to be commented.