2K Creating Shooter MMO?

IncGamers are reporting that 2K studios, the guys behind the infamously successful BioShock, are working on a new MMO shooter.

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syrinx3598d ago

Oh man that would be nice indeed! Loved Bioshock.

Leord3598d ago

Indeedio. Would be an anomaly to dislike it ;)

Leord3598d ago

Oh, kind of like Hellgate, but good =)

Sorry, I shouldn't bash Hellgate. It was actually a great game (for being in Beta).

Oops! I! Did it agaaaaaiiin!

Dorjan3598d ago

Wait, someone HIRING!?

Programmers, get in there before it's too late!

AndyA3598d ago

Could be interesting if it's up to the same standard as Bioshock.

Maticus3598d ago

An MMO shooter eh? Bring it on!

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