Gameover - Killzone 2 Review

The Portuguese website Gameover just published its review of Killzone 2, with an outstanding 95 out of 100 as a result.

"Conclusion, even without co-op, Killzone 2 is a FPS of high quality, which is accompanied by pictures of a breath-taking. Definitely, the Guerrilla grabbed in its franchise, which began as a 128-bit shooter absolutely median, and gave him a second chapter that is immediately the status of mandatory. Very, very good!"

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Rampant3548d ago

metacritic score of 94 ranks it right up there with the 2 great xbox360 games Halo 3 and Gears of War. The developers should be proud and the ps3 gamers should rejoice.

eagle213548d ago

Correction: Killzone 2 is in another league graphically and joining award winning PS3 games like Metal Gear Solid 4 and LittleBigPlanet in the top. :P

We are VERY proud. :)

RoyBoys3548d ago

Can you play offline multiplayer with bots splitscreen?????

RoyBoys3548d ago

cool thanks so much! That is AMAZING!

CaliGamer3548d ago

I never heard of split screen bots offline. That is news to me. I have been following this game religiously for a while and can't remember seeing that.

Snyph3r3548d ago

You can play offline with bots but it is not splitscreen, just like you're playing online but with bots...

DA_SHREDDER3548d ago

You can play splitscreen offline, or online with a couple of friends with bots. And you can also get Xp for private matches.

Rythrine3548d ago

Alex said yes, then Snypher said no, but then Shredder said yes again?
Can somebody clarify? Maybe links or past interviews that I must've missed.

Xulap3548d ago

DA_SHREDDER is right.

retrofly3548d ago

I'm pretty sure there is no splitscreen support, I think with the grpahics so high the PS3 just couldn't cope with split-screen.

Its all about balance, do you want better graphics or split-screen.

KZ2 made the right choice :)

MAR-TYR-DOM3548d ago

I am 100% sure there is no split screen. The dev in "ask the dev" boards on playstations forums said their is NO splitscreen of any sort. They decided to focus more on Multiplayer and Single player cause split screen would require twice the rendering etc...

Snyph3r3546d ago

Offline bots...yes but no splitscreen...

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San Frandisco3548d ago

everyone needs to stop this co-op madness cuz the game is h3lla perfect with out it just like cod4,crisis were.. if they are gunna pull that sh!t then why not bring down bioshock for no multiplayer or even co-op or even fallout 3 and so on..??

regardless its a good score ,not well DESERVED,but none da less good.

Sitdown3548d ago

continue to use Bioshock for the lack of co-op reference............clearly you see the difference between the two. Bio-shock does not necessarily give way for co-op...but Killzone 2 would be the perfect candidate for please kill that argument.

Anyhow..I do think that KZ 2 should be judged on what it does....not what reviewers fantasize about.

chidori6663548d ago

LOL! game over for all fps all there....

Spike473548d ago

none other than the sad and pathetic media.

Foxgod3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Dont forget the sad fanboys who cant deal with reality, and wish to alter it to their own perception.

On topic tho, KZ scores great, it scores just as high as the blockbusters Halo and GeoW, thats something very impressive.

So stop being a prick and accept it, 9.4 (metacritic) is near perfect, and perfect doesnt exist.

GiantEnemyCrab3548d ago

AH, I will have to remember that. Everytime I see a score of 8/10 it is biased but 9's and above are real.

The fact is when I see a game like this scoring excellent the excuses of media bias go straight down the toilet. If there was this big media bias/conspiracy this game would not be scoring like it is.

The bias excuse dies with this game.

Sarcasm3548d ago

Two 360 fanboys in a row on the same post. Where you guys been hiding? Foxgod and Giant.

Out of the woodwork now that 8/10's reviews are spawning?

BLuKhaos3548d ago

Well not all 8/10 reviews have to be biased,just the ones like TVG's where they bring down the score for rediculous reasons yet score other games with the same features or problems higher.

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