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After slaughtering hundreds of Helghast with an M82 Assault Rifle, shredding enemy ships with a gun turret and unleashing a barrage of rockets onto anything that moved, we're happy to report that Killzone 2 is the PlayStation 3's premier first person shooter, a glorious and brutally intense ride through hostile territory wrapped in a Hollywood-style presentation. Its single player campaign, however flawed, makes other shooters look tame, while surprisingly deep and addictive multiplayer modes will keep you fragging until you pass out from exhaustion.

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rucky3547d ago

Yeah right Chris Buffa lol

morganfell3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Well that is the norm. Look at IGN. They gave GTA IV a 10 in graphics. GTA IV a graphical 10? But Killzone of all games does not score a 10 for graphics?

In listing their reasons for the 10 on GTA IV, IGN said they give a 10 not because a game is perfect but because of what it aspires to be, for the ground it breaks above it's peers. If there was ever a game that achieved that in the graphics department, it is Killzone 2. But what you are seeing is a rash of sites that are suddenly stricken with "intellectual honesty" and quite frankly it is ridiculous and just wrong.

I don't think Killzone 2 should necessarily get a 10 unless you are going to give such a score to lesser games - as many sites have already. If a webzine or publication has been more discerning and particular in the past then I say grade away. But when they gave 10s to games that far underperformed Killzone 2 in such obvious areas as graphics then you are witnessing the ugliest kind of marriage between fanboyism and access to a supported public soapbox.

Unicron3547d ago

I have to agree with you Morgan. I don't even care about the scores, but rather the constant double standards that plague the media.

Kushan3547d ago

I think what IGN were getting at was that GTAIV was an entire CITY without loading screens. KZ2 does actually have (very brief) loading screens and as far as I'm aware, isn't a free-roaming city, so depending on your point of view, you may say that GTAIV is more impressive due to the scale of what it does.

I'm on the fence, though, I thought GTAIV could have been a lot better gameplay wise and I'm reserving my judgement of KZ2 until I play it myself.

Statix3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

It doesn't matter what you, the layman, perceives as more "impressive," as vague a term as that is. What matters is, which game is technically more impressive in terms of graphical performance and rendering fidelity. We shouldn't be judging something clear cut and objective such as graphics on a curve just because Rockstar is a multiplatform developer, or that they had to juggle with the requirement to load a whole cityscape into RAM. Which game is rendering the more hardware intensive visuals? I don't think there's any argument that can be made in favor of GTA IV in that regard (with the slight possible exception that GTA is more intensive with its RAM requirements and memory management).

Sitdown3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Where did you get the whole grading on a curve because of GTA IV being multiplatform...I don't see where Kushan mentioned that. I agree in some parts to what he said......I don't think it would be fair to put Fight Nigh Round 4 on the same graphical scale as KZ 2.......because graphic wise, FN:R4 should blow it away because it is only focusing on two characters, and does not really have to consider the background and other things such as KZ 2. In addition, just because a game is the prettiest, does not mean the reviewer does not think that there are parts that take away from the graphics. I would put clipping under the heading of graphics, and from the video "ballet of death", I saw the guys foot go through the ground. Anyhow...while the reviews often serve as a decent frame a the end...who really cares? Its like trying to get somebody's opinion on an hdtv.......its best if you go with what looks the best for you, in your environment.

Kushan3547d ago

Statix, I'm not really sure what your arguing about, but you seem to imply that the most realistic looking game should be classed as the best looking game and that's simply not true. If Killzone only rendered a single room, it would look twice as good, but because it has to render a whole level, it looks the way it does (Which is still pretty damn good). On the other hand GTAIV renders an entire CITY that you can go wherever you want, so there's no way it could look as good as KZ2, but it looks good for what it does.

Gran Turismo looks fantastic, but it only has to render about 6 cars and a closed track, it doesn't have to render explosions, volumetric fog/smoke, etc.

The above example of Fight Night Round 2 is also good - it renders TWO opponents and doesn't even have to concentrate hard on anything outside of the ring, so on a "single-frame" basis, it probably looks better than KZ2, but you can't jump out of the ring, gun people down and jack a car outside the place.

It's all about context.

Oh and I never said I actually agree or disagree with IGN, I'm simply saying I think that's what the author was getting at.

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Rise Of The Bad Guy3547d ago

Even the biased GameDaily had to give it AAA

Timberland2K93547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

9/10 i was expecting 7

Can you say Best FPS of as of now


I Was Talking about Game Daily giving a 7

I love gamespot I predict a 9.4

PixlSheX3547d ago

Timberland, you said you could rest in peace when gamedaily and gamespot finally give a 7 to killzone 2.
WTF are u going to do?

Rise Of The Bad Guy3547d ago are being investigated regarding their Killzone 2 review,it seems they were never sent a Press kit

DeZimatoR3547d ago

Buffa gave it a 9?! Jdugement Day must be close!

haha, wow, I did NOT see that coming after he gave both LBP and MGS4 an 8 :O

Hail to the King baby, you can't stop Killzone 2!

Joey Greco RULES3547d ago

to get a 10 now-a-days?

i guess people have a different opinion on perfection these days.

times have changed.

DeZimatoR3547d ago

You have no idea what a 9 from Buffa(bot) to a PS3 exclusive means!

If even he can't deny how the game is then Killzone 2 is truly a masterpiece! :D

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