Metal Gear Solid 4's Wasted Story

Would developers be better off leaving out narrative that isn't relevant to a title's core gameplay?

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SlamVanderhuge3642d ago

Totally agree that the plot is a complete waste of time in many games. Most titles put no effort into why bother?

I think that MGS4's narrative missed the mark in a few key areas--especially the godawful ending--but I enjoyed it overall. Other games (Timeshift immediately comes to mind for some reason) just wasted my time with needless exposition.

cain1413642d ago

A lot of games have pointless tangents. A lot of movies and books do as well...

HDgamer3642d ago

Without the story I really wouldn't play MGS, It's just one of those games that I crave for. The story is just brilliant.

Lombax3642d ago

Both the story and gameplay are why I love the MGS series. If it didn't have the story it wouldn't be #4. It would just be MG... something. I'd still play it because I think gameplay is more important than story. But the story in MGS4 fits, and damn well at that.

Lombax3642d ago

I am not "a lot of people." As a fan of the MGS series, I really enjoyed the story for MGS4.

Newcomers to the series may be a little lost. But hey, go pick up the 1-3 pack an enjoy some great games with a great story. Then you can enjoy MGS4 that much more.

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The story is too old to be commented.