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"Guerrilla is a modern-day Michelangelo when it comes to people dying. Bodies spin, jerk and writhe under fire in freeform agony, clutch at entrance wounds, tumble in vile little clouds of bodily fluids."

"Guerrilla's level designers play it very safe: for all the ISA's advanced tech and the Helghast's crazed rodent ingenuity, the war they wage is a familiar tale of escort missions, area defence and claustrophobic urban recon, with only some fleeting on-rails shooting segments and vehicular action to season that finely cooked core. Weather the graphical storm and get your head round the art of keeping your head down, and <i>Killzone 2</i> comes up short against <i>Halo 3</i>'s sprawling, spontaneous synthesis of combat props and AI, or <i>Resistance 2</i>'s shallow but playful boss fights."

"<i>Killzone 2</i> is crying out for a co-op mode, on or offline. Capable though it is on the whole, the buddy AI sometimes opts to play the bullet sponge or knuckle down on the wrong side of a wall; even if you disregard these minor glitches, it's hardly bubbling over with tactical awareness."

On the plot:

"there's too little back-story, too little real character interaction, and too many laboured "so's-your-mother" jokes for the plot to take wing, and ultimately you'll play for the thrill of peeling back the layers of Helghan civilization (while, of course, shooting it to bits) rather than the individual dramas floating on top."

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chidori6663598d ago

no co-op:

coment of 360 fanboy.

dirigiblebill3598d ago

...because this game has plainly been built with two or more players in mind.