PSP Chrome 0.5 released "It has been a long time since we made a post about homebrew. So lets do this.

Today a modder by the name of Damiaantjuh has released a new homebrew browser for the PSP. This version is nothing more then a PSP browser looks like Goggle chrome, but what is so great about this browser? Now that someone is working on a homebrew browser its only a matter of time before they add flash support to it. The install is very simple download files and add to your GAME folder and BAM its done…"

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TheMART3548d ago

Interesting, gonna try this one

Danja3547d ago

yup same here , prolly wait till they add flash support though

Lord Anubis3547d ago

eh i don't quite understand the post. It only looks like chrome but it's not based on the chrome source?

FinalFantasyFanatic3547d ago

Yeah, the article's lost me, is it or isn't it google chrome? I would take a stab at it and say it just looks the same.

ikral3547d ago

...and how does it work? I placed it in Game folder (unpacked first) and i see no thing.

tman6923547d ago

ya they were wrong. its actually a portal so put the folder in the root directory of ur psp. and in the internet browser type file:/pspchrome/chrome.html and press start and u will c it. that wat i figured would work.