9.5 Killzone 2 Review

PSOnly writes: "If it is not Dutch, it is not much. A great cry and my motto, because it is a truism. We are the best in water, ice skating, field drive (in women), light bulbs and our game industry is now fine them. Triumph Studios in 2007 yielded the excellent Overlord and since E3 of 2005 looks every PlayStation 3 owner Dutch to a title, Killzone 2. I was therefore very happy when mid January Killzone 2 in the letterbox was and now I finally have you anything about that."

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resistance1003546d ago

Another day, another great review. Still the 2 which matter to me have given it their blessing (IGN and OPM UK) so im happy.

Also http://playstationgameruk.w... another perfect score there =D

chidori6663546d ago



Hey Mr3546d ago

Feb 27th Where are you? I need you!

All haterz of Killzone sound like this guy


LeonSKennedy4Life3546d ago

I'm pretty sure that was Adam Sandler...

NegativeCreep4273546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

Well it looks like the MS Butt-buddies won't be throwing a celebration over this article...Shame Shame. That's the only thing that keeps them from staying in bed all day muching on McDonalds 99 cent cheeseburgers and soiling their Halo Jammie bottoms.

Socomer 19793546d ago


Nothing can stop this loyal fanbase of hardcore Gamers.

We built this city. We started this revolution. The future is now.

KILLZONE 2: Get Some or get Killzowned.

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