DragonBall: Evolution announced for PSP (first images)

NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe SAS, a developer and publisher of the first and Twentieth Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising have announced today the release of DRAGONBALL: Evolution for PSP scheduled for April 2009.Based on the homonymous and eagerly awaited film of the 20th Century Fox, DRAGONBALL: Evolution promises to be a perfect blend with the film, including all the characters, incredible battles and the spectacular special abilities much loved by the fans.

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SeanScythe3546d ago

*drops to knees* Please God make this stop! Dragonball has done nothing wrong to deserve this torture. It's like at the end of Braveheart watching Mel Gibson get his guts ripped out his ass, he didn't deserve any of that.

sinncross3545d ago

I'm actually excited to see how the film *adaptation* (cause that is what it is) pans out.

As for the game.. well... looks bland... but its psp exclusive so I suppose PSP owners have something to look forward to. If its good I'll pick it up but it has to be good.

Sayai jin3545d ago

Unfortunately, I am not to excited after seeing the trailer. Movies like Iron Man, Transformers, etc were done superbly because they stayed true to what the fans remember mostly. This movie is called Dragonball Evolution for a reason. You are either a DB/DBZ/DB GT fan or not and we know what the show is about. I mean Goku best friend is not even Krillin, he is not even in the movie. Bulma is running around with guns, Goku last self confidence, Piccolo is yellowish/greyish with no attenaes, etc. Wow! We will see, but I have strong reservations about this one. The DB franchise deserves way better than this.

Kamikaze1353545d ago

I'm starting to believe that the movie was never called Dragonball, to begin with. That a movie was being made and it had too many similarities to the Dragonball series. This caused film directors to come to an agreement with whoever owns the right to the Dragonball series to create a film "adaptation" of the series. Once they got he "ok" they changed some names, clothes, attack names, and locations around.

Seriously, my theory isn't too far fetched

Hiruma Youchi3545d ago

let the series rest. please. this is an Extreme case of Wackness at its puresat form

San anto3545d ago

That is the biggest pile of shiite ive ever seen.

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