Starcraft College Course Extremely Popular alerted the web of the "DeCal" StarCraft College Course taking place in UC, Berkeley several days ago and the first week of lecture has now passed. Gunnar "Leord" Petzall of StarcraftWire contacted the course facilitator, former progamer Alan "Nimue" Feng before breaking the scoop to the 'net, and had a more in-depth discussion with him about his background and this course he was planning and it seems like the course got a significantly higher interest after the spread over the internet than Alan could ever have hoped...

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Recka3598d ago

Well it's good to see that alot of people know about the course and I hope the popularity grows ever higher :)

Leord3598d ago

We'll definitely see when the beta of starcraft 2 comes out...

Medievaldragon3598d ago

Cool. Wonder if he will open new courses based on video games if the course gets massive response from students.

Leord3598d ago

In the interview, there was something about the fact that the course basics is so entrenched in physics and math that it would be easy to bridge SC -> WC3 or SC -> SC2, so other games are not excluded.

Might be a new way to get young students into physics! =D

Recka3598d ago

Maybe a warcraft one =O... and open it in Australia... preferably in my town XD

kalos3598d ago

Extremely popular? No doubt :D I can guess why, playing Starcraft to the late hours for revision :D

Dorjan3598d ago

Nice work!

Amazing that you were so hot on this story and all the others were copying!! :D

Glad to hear it went better than alright!

Recka3598d ago

Same, I'm happy it went all good and the numbers :)

thetamer3598d ago

A StarCraft course?! Are they looking for potential employees?

Leord3598d ago

Who? Berkeley?

No, the fact that there *IS* a course is a week old. This is news that the course became hugely popular, lol.

Further news:

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The story is too old to be commented.