Fate of Free Radical Design to be Decided Wednesday

PS Beyond: "Free Radical Design was reported as going into administration at the end of last year, with many of the staff being laid off leaving about 40 employees only.

The final fate of the company will be decided this week, on Wednesday 4th February. Administrator ReSolve has said that interest in the company has been "very strong"."

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Johnny Cullen3548d ago

If any big gaming publisher like EA or Ubisoft or even Sony or MS know whats good for them, BUY FREE RAD!

gaffyh3548d ago

I personally think that the company that NEEDS a developer like FRD is Nintendo, but it would be great to see some competition for these great devs.

Dmack793548d ago

Liberate them from this mess! Forgive them for haze! And buy this developer!

FREE Free Radical!

Roth3548d ago

Unfortunately with Microsoft and Sony hurting a lot right now, I doubt they're in any position to be buying up companies.

It's always possible Nintendo will buy them though..

gaffyh3548d ago

True I don't see MS buying a new studio when it has already closed down many of it's internal studios. And same with Sony, they've cut 8000 jobs so it doesn't make sense for either of them to buy FRD.

Gr813548d ago

Free Radical comprised of former Rare people? If that's the case maybe Nintendo can pick them up..but on second thought, why would Nintendo be bothered with cleaning up a company who went belly up with a HD flop?