VGC Most Wanted February 2009 -- Killzone 2 dethrones FFXIII

For the first time Final Fantasy XIII doesn't hold the number 1 spot in the VGC Most Wanted list. The very positive reviews and hype for Killzone 2 made the title climb from the 7th to the 1st position. Killzone 2 releases in February, so this will be the last time it will be featured in the list.

1. Killzone 2

2. Final Fantasy XIII

3. Uncharted 2

4. God Of War 3

5. The Conduit

6. Resident Evil 5

7. MadWorld

8. Final Fantasy Versus XIII

9. White Knight Chronicles

10. Gran Turismo 5

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killzone2flop3548d ago

Never mind it's only ps3 droids list. Who gives a rats ass what game they want.

Sasanova3548d ago

i see u in every kz2 topic...dam so much for 360 having games huh? nothing to play so ur on here making kz2 flop names lol what fukin loser haha

Jager3548d ago

Madworld and Conduit... pretty sure those are Wii titles. crying cause 360 has no real exclusives now?

darthdevidem013548d ago

not really dude

Its done by votes of fans of all consoles.

There are no CERTAIN 360 exclusives every 360 fan may vote for..

GEOW2, Halo 3 have come and gone.

but for PS3 there are still those huge high brand exclusives that many fans together will vote for.

Says you3548d ago

Would have stayed up there if Square Enix did not accept the money what did they expect for that money to last forever that Microsoft gave them please.

darthdevidem013548d ago

Not really

WHo cares what console its on....its still the same game coming to us with the same story.

Fact is Killzone 2 RELEASES this its hype peaks now. Next month FF13 will be back on top most probably.

DavidMacDougall3548d ago

Notice how all the top games apart from Final (Which was an exclusive) are ps3 only games

morganfell3548d ago

Not exactly the same game....

MasFlowKiller3548d ago

i dont know about Final Fantasy XIII anymore, after waiting for so long to see some actual gameplay that last trailer was a letdown for me. the graphics were far less then wat i expected from a game thatz been in development for so long plus the battle system seems outdated like i seen it in way too many games before.

eagle213548d ago

Cause there are'nt any in 09' on 360. Wait...DLC.

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Dmack793548d ago

What an awesome list! Why don't I see any xbox360 exclusives in there? LOL

darthdevidem013548d ago

there are one or two in the Top 20

well Halo:ODST is present

Dmack793548d ago

DavidMcdougal, isn't the conduit only for the wii? Or did I miss something? Anyway, PS3 pretty much dominates that list!

darthdevidem013548d ago

people will try to make issues & try to make "conspiracies" appear if their favorite console isn't represented properly.

In this case I feel its simply the fact that PS3 has a more awaited software lineup than the wii or xbox 360

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3548d ago

1. Killzone 2

2. Uncharted 2

3. Gran Turismo 5

4. God Of War 3

5. Resident Evil 5(Better PS3 Version)

6. Flower(All that KILLING i need it!!!) ;)

7. Heavy Rain:Of xBots Tears

8. MAG

9. Ratchet&Clank:Search for Clank

10. Final Fantasy Versus XIII


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