Black Protagonists in Gaming: A Black History Month Special

Prime + writes: "Black characters in video games aren't difficult to find if you look hard enough. But to some extent, a rare gem to discover is the well-rounded and positive black protagonist. Characters within entertainment are generally a means of identification and more creatively, personas that enhance one's experience on various social fronts. Social–in this case racial–awareness in the game industry hasn't quite reached the level of say, the movie industry, and that is understandable, seeing how it is a younger business in comparison.

My concern is this: black characters in games habitually range from stereotypical to non-existent. In addition, black gamers consume a great deal of the medium and are a vastly growing and contributing demographic in the community. Why not create and implement characters that are actually relatable or who boast innovative societal behaviors?"

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Hiruma Youchi3599d ago

black history month special! lmao yall wrong for that. them comparasion still accurate tho.

Yi-Long3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

... not just smart/interesting/cool/funny/s weet/strong black guys, but also asian, hispanics, european, whatever.

I'd love to see a GTA game set in an asian city starring an asian guy. I'd love to see Ninja Gaiden without the stereotypical big-boobed OTT blonde 'bombshell' (who I dont find attractive AT ALL).

That doesnt mean I dont want white people in my games, but just seeing a bit more variety and imagination when deciding upon the characters in a game would be most welcome. I LOVED Niko in GTA4 for instance (and didnt care 1 bit about CJ in GTA San Andreas bwt), and Gordon Freeman in Half Life showed the main guy in a shooter didnt have to be a muscular beefcake, but could also be a nerdy guy with glasses. Faith in Mirror's Edge is also a fine example of the developer being a bit more original in their pick of a lead character, and it pays off.

So this shouldnt JUST be about more black people in videogames (although obviously there are too few, and too often they're pretty stereotypical), but about more variety overall, so not just the big cool white guy and blonde babe, but a fair representation of society as we know it.

Not to mention fat people btw. How many times do we see those in videogames in a normal way!?

Edit: How is Fable 2 btw? Can you also create/design yourself as an asian/black/hispanic character!? Or are you just white no matter what, unless you turn very 'evil'!?

TruEve3599d ago

I wrote this article and I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said. I want to see more diversity in games period, but since this is a black history month article that's solely what I focused on. Thanks.

In Fable 2 your character is defaulted to a white male or female. Though your character's weight will change depending on what you eat. And of course the good and evil deal.

Dimitri3598d ago

When is the White History Month ?

okcomputer3598d ago

March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December and January.

Sitdown3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

my job shut down for 4 hours during the inauguration....and at the end we had a chance to reflect. One of the things I said, is that I hope with Obama being president of the USA, that it will cause us to go back and consider the history of our country. The history that is founded on soooooooooo many minorities. I remember in my AP US History class in high school, and the only little blurp about African American's was talking about slavery. You heart about the Emancipatio Proclamation...but you do not get the depth of information with regards to Lincoln not necessarily wanting to sign it...but being forced into a corner. I think if the roots of the USA was properly explored, there would be no need for black history all history will be properly explored every month. Besides, I think knowing the roots of our country, helps to determine exactly how big out tree can get. And having more minorities in game playing positive key roles......would be a sign of us considering the other branches on the tree. Well dag, didn't mean to get into that rant...haha

On a lighter note, I was playings Gears 2...and my wife was like, why the black guy got to be like that...hahah.

Edit: Dimitri..haha, I didn't even answer your question. I would have to ask...why does there need to be a white month, there are already white years, decades, and centuries.....just research "white privilege". Or just a quick example...explore the controversy behind the "flesh tone" crayon.

NWA TA3598d ago

Hahah I love that comment.

This was a very good article.

The Great Melon3598d ago

It is nice to know that there are people like you. Bubbles to you for you thoughtful comment.

Dimitri3598d ago


White privelage ?? Very funny especially these days, you find total idiots coming at developers from CAPCOM that they made a rasist game because you shoot black zombies. A group of black people found it very offensive.

But when Japanesse made a RE where you kill white zombies that was OK and fine with black people that played the game.

Thats all I got to say.

Sitdown3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Just because a group of black people claimed Capcom was racist, that does not refute the existence of "white privilege"....what group does not have those who can at times be hypersensitive and look to make a mountain out of a mole hill. But even then, I could easily say that difference most Resident Evils (at least the ones I played) it was white people shooting zombies....the difference here, is that now its not primarily black characters shooting black zombies, but whites shooting black zombies. Yeah, I know that can be a stretch...but I am sure that there are those who think in those terms. And you say it's very funny these days?.......well that's interesting, cause I don't see the humor in salaries that are still skewed towards white males. I don't see it funny that when you look at the population of those who play basketball ball in the NBA, and then consider the percentage of minorities some point I believe that its not just because there are not any qualified minority coaches out there? I mean there has to be something more to it right?....or either the NFL would not be abiding by a policy that requires teams to at least interview one minority for a head coaching positions. Next you will be trying to convince me that racial profiling doesn't exist either? How many times have you had to go to another store because there was no personal care products that were designed with you in mind?

@The Great Melon
Thanks...I shall return the favor. Bubbles to you.

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unicorndeathcamp3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

gta sa ,afro samuri, shadow man, state of emergency,louis from L4D, TONS of games where you can create your own character.

i dont think there needs to be an special exception just cause your a color, if anythign your asking people to recognize cause your a different color, when in reality you want everyone to treat you equal.


wurider, dont be a moron.

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