The 10 Hottest Xbox 360 Games to Be Released in 2009

Unigamesity writes: "Our little trip to the future ends today, with the 10 hottest Xbox 360 games to be released in 2009! We have already analyzed the best upcoming games for PC systems, PlayStation 3 consoles and Wiis, so if you didn't check them out already, now it's a good time to do so. Otherwise, read on to find out our favorite upcoming Xbox 360 titles. Choosing just 10 games was (just as it happened with all the other platforms) pretty tough, but the list below should reflect the best of the best!"

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jkhan3545d ago

7 out of those 10 games are multiplatform. i am pretty sure Microsoft will announce a couple of more exclusives at GDC09 and E309. So lets see, fingers crossed for some new exclusive IP.

Weapon X3545d ago

Lack of first party proficiency is wholly evident in this lineup. What's new?

InMyOpinion3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

I feel that some of these sites try their best to pick as many multiplatform titles as possible.

Where is Splinter Cell? Mass Effect 2? Forza 3?

February alone has Ninja Blade, Race Pro and Stoked.

Not that I'm that interested in any of the 3 aforementioned. Just like last year I'm mostly interested in multiplat titles. This year it's Brutal Legend, Dead Rising 2, COD: Modern Combat 2, Prototype, Fight Night Round 4, UFC: Undisputed, Mafia 2 and personal favorite Borderlands.

Sheddi3545d ago

True and one of those exclusives is a DLC.

JHUX3545d ago

Well I mean most the multiplats mentioned are going to be great games, so I see no problem with them being up there.

Tony P3545d ago

the list doesn't match my particular tastes either. Alan Wake, Prototype, and I Am Alive are the only games listed I'm interested in.

Not featured: Star Ocean 4, Mass Effect 2, and Huxley. Not sure when Huxley or ME2 come out though.

Edit- Huxley site gives an approx. Q4 release for 360

Rock Bottom3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Splinter Cell, Mass Effect 2 and Forza 3 doesn't have a release date yet, or am I messing something here?

The same goes for Allan Wake, I think.

But yeah, where's SO4?

Graphics Whore3544d ago

Maybe it's time to get yourself a Playstation Jenzo.

lost23544d ago

360 is DOOMED DOOOOOMED i say!

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BananaSlug3545d ago

i want to know the top 10 dated-exclusives for the 360

phosphor1123545d ago

You just asked for the impossible.

SlippyMadFrog3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

I don't know if all of these titles got dates but here goes:

Race Pro
Mass Effect 2
Ninja Blade
Star Ocean 4
Forza 3
Splinter Cell Conviction
Alan Wake
Halo Wars

The above plus all the good multiplats makes for a great gaming experience, regardless of what the PS3 got.

Marquis_de_Sade3544d ago

I think the reason people are saying the 360 has no exclusives this year is because MS didn't announce them in one go last year like Sony, they've slowly been announced individually and the number is beginning to creep up.

Trollimite3545d ago

when your top games are multiplat, you should reconsider spending 50 million for DLC. but i sure they have a trick up there sleve

Anon19743545d ago

Personally, I'm a little disappointed with the 360 lineup since 2007, but that's due to the lack of exclusives. I learned a hard lesson with my launch console that the best games don't matter if you don't have a working console to play them on. 2008 I vowed that if I could buy it on the PS3, I would because I was sick to death of not being able to play the bulk of my games library.

However, just because there's little I found interesting in the way of exclusives of interest on the 360 thru 2008 to 2009 doesn't mean it's not a good time if you've had no problems with your 360. There were plenty of fantastic multi-console games last year and coming up this year to make the 360 worthwhile for the gamer on a budget.

Elven63545d ago

For Microsoft buying exclusive DLC is nothing, especially considering the return they will be getting from the DLC. It will probably be advertised as a full on expansion pack to GTA 4.

With studios like Rare, Lionhead, and Turn 10 they obviously have a backup plan.

IcarusOne3545d ago

But multiplat games sell in favor of the 360.

Harryhit43544d ago

Only because of the larger install base. Look at the number of copies sold divided by the install base (Example - copies sold for PS3:total PS3s) to get an accurate view of which would sell better if they had the same install base.

kewlkat0073544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

so one could easily say there is not much to choose from so this or that sells more on the PS3.

Now for a certain game to sell a lot in the midst of hundreds more games/choices says a lot.

I guess it's all how you wanna SPIN it. Simple

Harryhit43544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

What? Let's say Guy A wants GTA4. How does a larger/smaller library affect this?

"hundreds more games/choices"

>_________________________ _________________________>

SlippyMadFrog3544d ago

If a 100 people have a choice between GTAIV and COD4, how many copies would GTAIV sell?

Now take that 100 people and give them a choice between GTAIV, COD4 and LBP, how many copies would GTAIV sell now? See the logic ;)

Harryhit43544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

But that is still irrelevant to my original post: The attach ratio is more accurate than number of copies sold.

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cronaldo73545d ago

I own a 360 and I dont think its that hot. Its cold.

Dmack793545d ago

I mean isn't halo:ODST just an add-on or big expansion pack/DLC???

Karum3545d ago

I'm not sure what it is, they're marketing it as an expansion since it's called Halo 3: ODST but it's not eaturing the Master Chief and I think might have it's own kinda side story. I'm surprised they didn't include the GTA4 DLC if they were adding in ODST.

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