UK overtakes Japan: Here's the proof (2007 vs 2008)

Gamezine: "Yes, you read that right. The UK is now the second biggest video games market.

Not sure if you read our last story on the world's top best selling games of 2008, but if you did (like you might have spotted some monumental news.

The combination of Japan's shrinking video games market and the UK's massive growth has resulted in good 'ole Blighty overtaking Japan to become the second largest video games market in the world!


# US - 233.40m
# Japan - 75.85m
# UK - 58.20m
# TOTAL - 367.70m ..."

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Marquis_de_Sade3549d ago

If true, that's a massive turn around.

techie3549d ago

you're telling me! What a jump!!!

mint royale3549d ago

Anyway well done UK! Quite an achievement considering the size of the UK and some other markets. Japan has 12 cities with populations of over a million, whereas the UK can only really say that about 3 of its cities - London, Manchester, Birmingham. Well done UK.

Marquis_de_Sade3549d ago

I would like to think I played a role in this, have bought more than a few games in the past 12 months ;)

coolfool3549d ago

It might make developers pay more attention to the UK as a gaming territory.

For example, White Knight Chronicles is released in Japan and has been announced in north america. Um.. so where is the European announcement? I think Europeans have a history of buying more JRPGs than the US.

Also, maybe we might start getting more special console editions, bundles and limited editions...... or am I just dreaming that this will change anything?