Pocket-Lint: Killzone 2 Review

As stunningly gorgeous as Killzone 2 truly can be, like its elder sibling, it's lacking that certain something to really nudge it right to the very top of the pack.

Pocket-Lint can live with a short single-player campaign, the clichéd storyline and inane chatter from your squad mates, and they can suffer through the odd sudden jarring difficulty jumps that the game frequently tosses in your general direction. But the simple fact is that Killzone 2 simply doesn't have all the pieces to take it right the very top. It comes close, but it's a stumbled step short.

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Helghast Slayer3546d ago

Oh well, not gonna stop me from picking up my preorder on 26th FEB. One individuals opinion cannot justify if i should buy a game or not. Great score by the way.

MegaMohsi3546d ago

doesnt like the game cause it's too hard? Sounds like a whiner to me. 8/10 is still a good score though

BulletToothtony3546d ago

in MY opinion.. this guy probably played the game on a 20" sdtv and didn't feel the immersion of the game..

By now i know for a fact that 98% of other reviews love the game, but i also have heard that the game is not perfect..

Am i gonna buy it?? hell yeah!!

Maddens Raiders3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )


(who pissed in their Wheaties? lol)

xwabbit3546d ago

Never saw so many reviews for a game xD. Not even Halo and that's crazy

StephanieBBB3546d ago

Review scores coming from this site.

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts: 8 (really????)
Gears of war 2: 9
Halo 3: 9

And they score KZ2 an 8?

rucky3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

He did give MGS4 a 10. Although I kinda admit some of his scores aren't consistent, it doesn't seem like he's your average 360 fanboy reviewer. I dunno just check it yourselves.

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jkhan3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

That was first. Anyways we will see a lot of stupid sites trying to bring the average score down. Does anyone know if this site is counted on metacritic?
I am not really complaining about the 8. I just can't understand the logic behind it. Its like saying Killzone 2 is the best looking game on consoles both technically and aesthetically and then giving it a 9 is kind of absurd, isn't it?

The Hunter3546d ago

It gives a 8... whoooo the earth feld down.. *sigh* an 8 is still a great score.

Kushan3546d ago

There's more to a game than how it looks, you know. None of the people complaining here have played the Single player game so they cannot honestly say that this review is any better or worse than any other review. Plus, it's all opinion anyway. the author of this article has every right to mark it 8/10 if he wants to, so does the author of a different article who marked it 10/10.
At the end of the day, your own mileage may vary, the only thing you can be sure of is that it's at least decent and it MIGHT be amazing, depending on your tastes.
But Graphics alone don't make a game, so never judge it based on how it looks, play it first.

Dark General3546d ago

I don't know but it kind of just seems like he complained about the difficulty. The sometimes it was easier and sometimes it was harder. I for one like difficulty in games. He says it's not the A.I that's bad but it seems more like the overwelming number of enemies with sometimes a lack of perfect cover. I don't mind that myself but to each his own. I wonder how these smaller sites get a chance to play the online in some of these games.

Sasanova3546d ago

read the review. nothing indicates why they gave the game an 8...dying too much doesnt cut it. garbage review by a garbage website and journalist, if you wonna call him that. theres a reason why this website isnt on metacritic

solidjun53546d ago

GASP! doesn't surprise me.

I read the review. 8 isn't the problem. Reasoning behind the 8 is a bit odd.

WildArmed3546d ago

exactly what i was thinking lol

voice_of_ reason3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

"But not many seem eager to point out all the obvious flaws that detract from what could have been a fantastic experience. A real shame."

It's a good thing this site decided to take it upon themselves to point out those "obvious flaws" that other sites are too... afraid? point out. Those flaws include not being able to play the cutscenes, team can't revive you, the AI gets tougher as you play, and it won't "reach the pinnacle of the Call of Duty series".

I have no problem with "low" scores as long as the review has legitimate reasons. I see nothing in this review that merits an 8... especially when compared to the "pinnacle" of FPS--CoD. Oh well, double standard is the new standard I guess.

thereapersson3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

I find it hilarious that these insipid little twats with "opinions" have the balls to lambast the pre-alpha code last year because the AI "was too easy and wasn't smart enough"; and now that GG has addressed those complaints and actually made the AI meaty enough to stand toe to toe with the player, people like this guy complain that the game is "too hard".

Maybe this guy should quit gaming, as it obviously doesn't seem to be the thing for him?

Kain813546d ago

why all the other reviewers dont spoke about it, but if its a PS3 exclusive they want all show you the flaws nitpicking everything.

Sorry but Journalism is dead, Journalism these days are controlled by

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