Killzone 2 Is...

We all know how beautiful the game is, and how amazing the sound effects and music are, but what else is there to Killzone 2 aside from the graphical flair and stunning audio? What else is Killzone 2? Well, we'll tell you...

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DADO3544d ago

going to be the best selling PS3 game.

Jinxstar3544d ago

I could care less if only 100 people buy it. I can kill them online and I will get the game day 1. Forget what anyone else buys =D. This is my game!

HighDefinition3544d ago


All I care is if it sell enough to justify making Killzone 3, which shouldn`t be a problem.

Jinxstar3544d ago

@ High def.

I agree and disagree. While KZ looks sweet I am not sure i like the lore behind it. I am super stoked about it bit wouldn't you enjoy seeing a new IP. Similar to Infamous maybe with the KZ 2 Graphics? I love the way this game looks but I am all about new IP's... KZ3 or maybe a prequel would be sweet but I think I would still love to see guerilla take their engine and make something totally off the wall. Either way bubs up man.

shingo3544d ago

That's one of the best articles I read on this game. Good job, sixthaxis :)

Maddens Raiders3544d ago

Focused, Human, Tactical, Convincing, & Rewarding.


Nuff Said

HighDefinition3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

I wanta see KZ3 (prequel/sequel) on PS3 and then something new on PS4.

Infamous is the "SLEEPERHIT" of the year.

Ital50Stal3544d ago

going to flop just as bad as killzone 1....enjoy the hyped poop you fanboys (graphics arent everything..L4D is an example of that)

nobody but the media was hyping gears2 and im sure gears will outsell this and score better in over all reviews

HighDefinition3544d ago

My favorite comment of the day.

3544d ago
BattleAxe3543d ago

Making a sequel or a prequel shouldn't be too hard since they have the game engine all figured out.

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Helghast Slayer3544d ago

Going to be possibly my most played game of 2009.

Jazz41083543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

Im not so sure its expected to go over well. Many of the stores including mine are not doing mighnight releases due to lack of game sales. Not to diss though the game is going to be amazing.

Jinxstar3544d ago

WIN!!!! point being I could care less if nobody but a few bought this game. I will be playing God of War 3, KZ2, Uncharted and infamous with or without anyone else so I am happier then a kid at disneyland =D

Add me. I am looking to start or get into a good clan with some good players with a few friends... otherwise we can just stomp peeps together =D

No FanS Land3544d ago

I'm getting tired of the Kz2 news, it's not like there was nothing else on earth.

fafoon3544d ago

You Dont Get out of bed for the Next Few Months then
If All This Killzone 2 news is Getting you a Little Narky

Baka-akaB3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

I'm more tired of those "killzone ...but graphics isnt everything" "or show us the gameplay" titles , articles or forums posts .... (i'm not pointing at this article , just talking in general)

Anyone that actually was interested and watching vids actually SAW what's the gameplay ....
We've even known pretty much everything from KZ2's perks and class system at least 6 months ago ...

So some people should stop pretending KZ2 focused in graphics at the expense of something else ...

Jinxstar3544d ago

Honestly then dont click on the "all news" button go to 360 or wii or industry tabs... I understand and I felt the same way with many games i could care less about. I am excited for this game and can't wait for the flood of God of war 3 news early next year =D

No FanS Land3544d ago

anyway, I'll look for Wii games since recently it's getting some of my attention with its hardcore lineup. might buy one soon.

Jinxstar3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

=D Wii FTW!!!!

Edit: Below. I bought mine for Zelda. Big fan. and enjoyed a few games otherwise... It is covered in dust though. Can't wait for madworld to actually see if it still works =P

No FanS Land3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

I just wanna F"*% everybody up in Madworld XD! but the lineup of Madworld, the conduit, Metroid prime1 and 2 plus other games all in the same frame time are making me considering buying one.

EDIT: above. I played twilight princess on day one when my friend bought a launch console. That game was epic.

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