AusGamers Reviews Killzone 2 - 8.9

AusGamers writes:

"For many PS3 owners, Killzone 2 is the game they've all been waiting for. It represents a few things at this point in the system's life: Strength, commitment, longevity and exclusivity, to name but a few important factors and in the wake of so many killer apps landing on the Xbox 360, both exclusively or replete with exclusive content options, Killzone 2 comes at a very integral point in the PS3's life.

For anyone wondering how this fares to the belittled and criticised first Killzone, there really is no comparison - Killzone 2 is more than its own game with the only real point in common being the genre and its narrative.

With this in mind I'm going to ignore the first game barring story reference as it would be unfair to compare the two. Killzone 2 is such a leap over its predecessor any such association would be seen as sheer semantics in light of Guerilla's achievements here.

None of the above is to say Killzone doesn't suffer in any capacity, because there is a manifest of issues I have with the game, not the least of which will see me being lynched by the Sony/PS3 mafia for pointing out, but I want it known from the outset I think this is an excellent game. It's absolutely one of the most impressive looking current-gen titles, and has a plethora of great combat ideas thrown into a solid mix of tried and tested gameplay formulas. It just isn't all it could be, perhaps for lack of a focus on consistency. But let's start at the beginning..."

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LightningPS3PS33543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

Some of the 8's are starting to creep in. I don't have a good feeling about this, It looks like Sony might be coming up short again.

Chris3993543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

Read the review in full.

His gripes:
- Didn't like the controls (makes references to Gears and Halo, of course).
- Doesn't like the fact that your AI team-mates can't resurrect you (again, like in Gears).

Oh, and Lightning you are a MASSIVE DAMAGE troll.

Of epic proportions.

You really should be posting all of your comments in the Open Zone.

ultimolu3543d ago

It was bound to happen.
A website nitpicking K2 to death.

Pennywise3543d ago

Aww lightning :(

If only you had more bubbles to tell me more. So insightful! lol

el_bandito3543d ago if these reviews will stop you from buying the game.

SAiOSiN3543d ago

THis is exactly what I meant about your immature comments a couple of days ago. you denied it and now you just shot urself in the foot. since when is 8.9 bad??? if memory serves, isn't fable 2 89% avg. on metacritic? it's a great game, but no one is complaining. jesus! fanboys go get some lives.

Ghoul3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

"and in the wake of so many killer apps landing on the Xbox 360,"

uhmm ??? what killerapps ??

Hallucinate3543d ago

heh i think he mean DLC =D

xwabbit3543d ago

This article is bs to me. They came up with the stupidest stuff to complain about. If u didn't die in a game how would that be challenging ? OH ima go rush in front of 25 people cus I know ill be revived again!. They complained about consoles when you can change them ? Wow

Bad_Karma3543d ago

one persons personal views of a game don't mean $hit . The guy obviously wants to pick fault over the slightest thing and at the end of the day its your own personal view of the game or any other game come to that ,that matters .

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thor3543d ago

The complaints about the AI teammates not being able to revive you are as retarded as those about the fact that you can't die in Prince of Persia. In almost every game with AI teammates, the important ones are made invincible. Just because they've made it slightly different so that your AI teammate can ACTUALLY GET HURT people feel the need to complain. Giving your teammate the ability to revive would upset the difficulty and wouldn't actually add anything to the game - there would only be complaints about the times when he DIDN'T revive you.

SAiOSiN3543d ago

*Cough* Gears2 *cough*

thor3543d ago

Yeah sure Gears 2 does that (and does it well) but for KZ2 it's not been designed like that. If the AI teammate weren't there, would people have a problem? It doesn't add anything to the gameplay, it merely soothes the difficulty. And I'm sure the difficulty is set up nicely anyway. They could make it more difficult and then give your AI companion the ability to revive you, but it would be about the same.

It doesn't irritate me in the same way that PoP doesn't irritate me - if you fail a particular section you go back and have to try it again. That's what 99% of games are like. Being able to be revived is just a second chance you get sometimes.

Hallucinate3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

meh cant all be winners
EDIT; hmm i saw he mentioned a few xbox games...that said this site loses all credibility..very unprofessional to mention games that your not reveiwing

killzone2flop3543d ago

The A.I are awful the worst i have seen in any game. Lets put it this way you can be standing next to the enemy and he won't even notice you thats how great the A.I are. and if thats not bad enough you can clock this game under 6HRS yes 6HRS just with a Knife appalling very appalling.

Hallucinate3543d ago

*looks at avatar (hmm)* *looks at screen name (ahh)*
KZ2 AI has being praised from almost everyone who plays all those vids youve seen were on easy mode so the guy doesnt get whooped by helghast

stagga3543d ago

You mean the AI when set to easy? Allow me to quote from the Guardian review "The enemy AI is worrying clever, up there with the best. Forget basic cover and shoot - enemy Helghast will use smoke grenades, flank you and generally give you no time to give peace a chance."

Bye troll!

Bathyj3543d ago

The only appalling thing is the fact your parents met.

Simon_Brezhnev3543d ago

its just funny when its a ps3 exclusive they nitpick everything but if its 360 they get a free pass