Killzone 2 demo hits Euro PSN this Thursday

SCEE has confirmed that the Killzone 2 demo will be available to download from PSN across Europe on February 5th. That's this Thursday.

The content of the demo will include the first two sections of 'Corinth River', the first level of the game, including the same tutorial sequence from the final game.

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Kain814617d ago

Thats awesome, but it would spoile the game for me, its a Hard choice.
should i download it or not???

coolcole934617d ago

yes yes yes a million times.

Allow yourself to be Killzowned.

Chris3994617d ago (Edited 4617d ago )

Thanks Fishy.

Too many high profile game releases to keep up with.

P.S. I love the phantom "disagree" who has hit all the posts. Honestly, how can you disagree with someone's excitement over a game? :)
P.S.S. I am very excited about this, as I missed the beta. Does anyone know what time we can redeem our GameStop code at for the NA demo? Normal update time?

Fishy Fingers4617d ago

Sure your not confusing this with the RE5 demo that went live today?

Brixxer6004617d ago

Simple choice


Damn i don't know either.

Gantrfaxx4617d ago

That's amazing. So i guess we'll be playing Kz2 sooner than we expected.

jtucker784617d ago (Edited 4617d ago )

Do I download the demo?

Got the full game pre-ordered, so I'll have it day one.

BUT do I want to taunt myself with a sniff of Killzone which will make lasting the last few weeks harder? Or do I ignore the demo (which will be hard) so when I get the full package I enjoy the hit of visuals and gameplay even harder?

xwabbit4617d ago (Edited 4617d ago )

It said Euro update not U.S.A....

jtucker784617d ago (Edited 4617d ago )

@ xwabbit - good reading skills pal.

You're really getting the hang of it.

gamesmaster4617d ago (Edited 4617d ago )

bout freaking time us euros got dealt something good.

i do want to wait for release but the temptation is just too much i think. i will download this for sure.

heres hoping psn handles the stupidly high amount of traffic this thursday lol :X

himdeel4617d ago

It's the sound of thousands of people making EU PSN accounts to download this demo.

Venomish4616d ago

lol, i just made my EU account

himdeel4616d ago (Edited 4616d ago )

...can the Gamestop pre-order people download the game on PSN today or is that available on Thursday as well?

y0haN4616d ago

I hope they disable all your fake Euro accounts, it's about time Americans got shafted for once!

AnttiApina4616d ago

Woot woot! Love being european! But I think that foreingers could make their own EU account.

andyo134616d ago

come to the euro psn store to get the demo. I will hunt you down and tea bag you cause our servers will not handle the load of greedy americans

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PirateThom4617d ago (Edited 4617d ago )

Will download, just to observe.

Edit: Lol at someone handing out disagrees.

GrieverSoul4617d ago

I might be wrong but I have a feelig someone is bashing the KILLZONE´s topic with disagrees.

Might be paranoia... but I could swear...

VampHuntD4616d ago

Why not, I can play it until I get the full game later. And I forget the RE5 demo was going LIVE today! Busy night on PSN for me then, hopefully it'll be up by the time I get home.

P.S. As far as the disagrees, yeah I think it has more to do with fanboys and Killzone 2 than it has to do with what people are saying.

BLuKhaos4616d ago

I don't get it why are the bots freaking out about this game?I mean doesn't the 360 have a larger,better(in their words)and more diverse library so why should they care?Our box is in third and yours is in second so what do you fear?Can someone of the white,green, and red box orientation please answer my question.

VampHuntD4616d ago

It Appears the Disagree Ninja has continued to strike without mercy...

terrandragon4616d ago

The PS3 has white lettering, a green power button, and a red light, if I am not mistaken. And of course, it has to be a 360 fanboy and can't just be some random person having fun with buttons.

BLuKhaos4616d ago

Actually the writing is not white,its chrome.What buttons are you talking about?I was talking about the way the bots are acting like KZ2 shoved a pineapple up their vaginas,smacked them and call them names before it took a giant shat on their faces.The 360 is the only console that comes in White(case),green(power light),and red(RROD).

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disrupt3r4617d ago


disrupt3r4617d ago

I feel sorry for anyone that purchased a demo code off ebay LOL

VampHuntD4616d ago

I don't feel bad for them, all they had to do was wait for it!

But if I were hardcore fan I would do the same, but then it would be worth it so I wouldn't want anyone feeling bad for that either.

solidt124616d ago

Someone here is seriously hating because this guy just said Yeeeessss! and got a Disagree.

TheMART4617d ago

Sounds good, Europe gets threated well this time by Sony. Keep that up!

thereapersson4617d ago

Let's just hope the demo isn't an embarrassingly old build, like what they did for Motorstorm: Pacific Rift. The final product was nowhere near as unpolished as the demo ended up being. It was still fun, though.

Helghast Slayer4617d ago

Hahaha yeah b!tches. Sorry i couldn't resist. Seems SCEE are coming back to their senses gradually. First we get the retail game earlier and now we get the demo for free lol. Christmas just came early people.

Helghast Slayer4617d ago

I think everyone should spread the news to all their psn friends list. Let people know that they can finally witness this gem on the 5th FEB. Man i can't imagine the amount of damage the servers are going to take.

fafoon4617d ago

PM me your PSN ID
Then we can go online
And i can Shoot you in the
Face,arms,legs,torso,Knees,fe et,Balls and Ass
And one for Good luck in your Left Eye

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thereapersson4617d ago

Time for me to create a Euro account for this one. :)