UK Overtakes Japan in the Videogame Market

While the U.S. remains on top in the videogame market, a surprising turn of events over the past several years has resulted in the UK videogame market emerging as number two, beating Japan for the first time in history.

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Twizlex3545d ago

Congrats to the Brits loving all those games!

Milk is for Babies3545d ago

Yeah, congrats. It's only a matter of time before they overtake the U.S. now.

Twizlex3545d ago

Well this "economic crisis" sure isn't helping things, but I think it will be a long time before UK sales match U.S. sales.

h0tz0rz3545d ago

Agreed. Americans are media whores. I mean whores for multimedia stuff, not like being on tv or whatever.

atttentionshore3545d ago

Congrats to the Japs hating all those games!

fakeplasticlung3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

yeah and us brits love our 360s so microsoft has got the first and second biggest regions secured

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Cookigaki3545d ago

Aww, Japan sales are down. How sad.

Vault Boy3545d ago

Aww nothing! Maybe they'll wise up and start porting some of those Japan only exclusives to other parts of the world and not force us to mod and import stuff all the time.

Omega43545d ago

So US>UK>JP>rest of EU??

I didnt think that the rest of europe was such a small chunk of the videogame market

No wonder MS is able to outsell the PS3 it got the two biggest regions secured

Twizlex3545d ago

I think it's because of the different languages. At least the UK speaks English, whereas there are like 20 different native languages in the rest of the EU.

techie3545d ago

Well...each European country is a seperate the UK has overtaken the individual country Japan. Europe as a whole (including UK) has always been ahead of Japan. What's language got to do with it?

Twizlex3545d ago

Um, well, I would assume that fewer games are localized to the "smaller" countries, which would logically result in a smaller market, right?

NickIni3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Your incredibly ignorant if you think MS has the UK market secured.

It's about 50/50. With PS3 lately even having an edge.

EDIT: Well, if you disagree, come out and say why. It's fact. Like it or not.

Omega43545d ago

50/50 you wish, the UK market is identical to how the US market is, same tastes so similar sales

Im not even sure if the PS3 has ever consistently outsold the 360 in the UK except at launch

Im shocked you arent aware of it

NickIni3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Aha, such ignorance.

I live in the UK. I know far more people with PS3s than 360s, the site sales charts speak for themselves. Take a look at sites like, Amazon ect., PS3 games are consistently dominating of the sales charts and the pre-order charts. The same goes for virtually every other retailer in the UK.

It is far from secured by Microsoft. At the present, either Sony or MS could take it.

techie3545d ago

The Xbox 360 sells more than the PS3 in the UK (fact) - because of price.

Twizle - that could be the case...I'm not sure if that's the reason though. I blame sh*tty weather more. Spanish, French etc are all outside having fun :D

And France/Spain/Germany are not very far behind the UK - be interesting to see their total figures.

Omega43545d ago

lol are you serious!?

I also live in the UK and i can tell you that barely no has a PS3 that i know and if they do they keep quite cause they are in the minority

Trust me if you live in London you wont want to have a PS3 unless you want to be laughed at, thats how bad it is

Sites mean nothing they change hourly just accept it 360>>>PS3 in the UK period.

NickIni3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )


I live in London. The ratio of people with a PS3:Xbox out of people I know is seriously about 4:3. You must live in a different London...

mint royale3545d ago

I also live in the UK and I know 5 people with 360's and 1 person with a ps3. DOes that mean the 360 outsells the ps3 5-1 in the UK? NO! Your anecdotal evidence is worthless. And if you want actual figures check out chart track and you will see that the 360 has a comfortable lead in the UK over the ps3. Its just how it is.

green3545d ago

Fact: 360 is 1.3 million consoles ahead of the ps3 in the UK

360 - 3.2million
PS3 - 1.9 million

I am also based in the UK.

NickIni3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

LOL @ you all completely missing my point.

But w/e. Ima go play in the snow :)

mint royale3545d ago

I don't think you had a point except saying that no console will die and all are doing okay in the UK market which is obvious to anyone. The snow has melted in Manchester :(

green3545d ago

It's still snowing in Oxford

techie3545d ago

There's over a foot in London. Not going to melt for a couple of it's still blizzardy.

king dong3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

plus, the 360 is doing really well in the uk. i'm a brit by the way. i know lots of people with 360's, and less than 5 with ps3s! this is no a sly dig at sony, just stating what i see!

plus, we all had ps2's back in the day.

Deep: the 360 was selling well before the price cut.

nicklni: i'm from SE london NW kent area. i know 40 plus people with 360's all on-line, and as i said above, less than 5 with ps3's. am i from a different london also?

bottom line, 360 has done well in the UK....but not as good as the wii, but better than the ps3. that's it!

final note. i'm sorry, but all this talk of the "eu being a bigger market than the US" is just typical n4g sony fanboy crud! if that was so, then the ps3, and every other console would launch there first, along with all the best features that are missing from the psn and live which are available across the pond!

the eu is a divided market, with each state having different laws, levels of income blah blah the end!

give it up, it just dillusional nonsense, trying to spin things into a different light!

mint royale3545d ago

Bloody southerners!

At least it must be nicer and warmer up here then :)

fakeplasticlung3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

obviously we speak english in the UK Twizlex, this is where the language was invented for christs sake

Twizlex3544d ago

Wow, you totally missed the point. Congratulations.

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edhe3545d ago

Just gives us even more reason to ignore the Japanese trends in gaming.

Should be interesting to see how they try to diversify and branch into the markets that they need to.

Arsenal4Ever3545d ago

Yep agree with everyone else. UK is included in EU and it alone surpassed Japan, EU was always ahead of Japan infact EU is ahead of US too.


By country - US>UK>JPN>EU something like that.

Milk is for Babies3545d ago

I don't think that's accurate. I'm pretty sure the only thing the EU is beating the U.S. in, if anything, is PS3 sales and maybe portables. The U.S. is still ahead overall.

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