Madden 09 Correctly Picks the Winner of the Super Bowl

Kombo writes, "In a time honored tradition marred in futility, the good folks over at EA Sports took part in this year's simulation of the Super Bowl. However, as any sports fan knows, when it comes to a championship game, all statistics are thrown out the window because anything can happen.

For the sake of argument, the statisticians behind Madden 09 handed down their final verdict last week. So how close do you think they came?"

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CrAppleton3544d ago

Heh.. Funny how that works..

bgrundman3544d ago

You would be surprised at how many things that the game actually predicted correctly.

dktxx23544d ago

Steelers vs. CARDINALS(<-----NFC WEST FYI). A retard who likes red birds could of picked this game correctly.

bgrundman3544d ago

You may be right, but there were some interesting predictions that it made that managed to be spot on.