Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack Confirmed for March 3

Videogamer: "Microsoft has announced that the Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack is to be released on Xbox LIVE Marketplace on March 3, 2009, one week after the DLC makes its debut inside the Halo Wars Limited Collector's Edition.

The three maps included in the pack are Sandbox, Assembly, and Orbital. A copy of Halo 3 is required to play the new maps."

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Sasanova3544d ago

so to counter killzone, you have to bring out all ur DLCs, halo wars, ODST expansion...halo maps ROFL DAAAAM DESPERATE!!! CANT STOP THE TRAIN

unicorndeathcamp3544d ago

but halo is like the #1 played game online and it was released a while ago. Im excied for killzone 2 as well but its kind of goofy to say stuff liek that.

Stryfeno23544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

If you are not worried, why comment? With SF4, Halo Wars, GTA4 DLC and now new HALO 3 Maps, Xbox owners have plenty to keep them busy in Fed. I did not see Sony doing this on Xbox big games launch.

Wait until MS release their 2009 360 launch titles. You haven't seen nothing yet.

1233603544d ago

halo ain,t number 1 no more,and to get the maps first you got to buy the halo wars special edition package.wheres free in that its another dlc rip off,thank f*ck i bought a ps3 last year.i don,t know one person who wants halo wars period.

unicorndeathcamp3544d ago

thank you for replying. Secondly, whats number 1 than? IM pretty sure you dont have to buy halo wars for this map pack. If your so convinced that MS is a big bad company who charges for everything, look at your ps3 home who charges for clothing for your character, where its provided for you free of charge on MS. Than, look at LBP, where they charge you for new outfits for your sackboy, its likE virtual barbies.

bohemian 233544d ago

No you do not have to buy Halo Wars to get the maps you knothead. If you buy Halo wars you get them before they are available on Marketplace. Yes it is a marketing strategy by MS but after all they do try to make money. Why do people make posts that are completely fabricated?

Blaze9293544d ago

Only three maps!? The way they were making it sound, i thought it was gonna be like maybe 5-6 maps. What really gets me is that its gonna be $10 for only three maps but knowing me i'll buy it anyway haha.

EDIT: Yeah checked the achievement list and there are some achievements listed for finding a skull on a maps not included in the pack. Guessing the halo wars exclusive stuff?


Is, if you order the Halo Wars LE you get orbital, sandbox and assembly with the game..if you choose not to buy halo wars you can buy these maps a week later on the marketplace.

for the other 3 maps (you thought there 6 and there are) Heretic, longshore and i forget the last one but anyway they should be coming via the same package deal with HAlo ODST..
hope that clears it up for you

ADD me if you want to play (get owned) Gt: SPAZMATTIC

dragunrising3544d ago

@ above, Thanks for clearing that up. I wonder though if the other 3 maps releasing with Halo 3: ODST will be available on the marketplace following the games release. I plan on buying the game regardless. It's always frustrating when friends don't have the newest maps :-p Halo 3 still has the multiplayer to beat in my opinion. Started playing it again after a long hiatus; still fresh.


Yea happens to me too..i'll go on a break from Halo and play gears, fall out etc but I always come back to Halo because it always delivers and bungie continues to support it. Gonna play tonight I think.

Bladestar3544d ago

Sony lovers don't waste time to start bashing.

Let's get something very clear:

A) Halo beat any game ever made on a Playstation platform in terms of sales.

B) Halo 2 is still being supported by Microsoft and people can still play it; unlike any PS2 game.

C) Halo 3 is still being supported by microsoft by releasing new maps and content unlike practically every PS3 that once released is abandon. Where are all the Resistance 1 DLC?

Halo/xbox 360 games are not going to complain about the fact that years after their game purchase the game keep getting patches, improvements and new content; while you Sony leg humpers have to rely on new games that 6 months from now will be forgotten and not supported by the developers.

DrRage773544d ago

completely agree with all of your points....for sony fanboys, it seem very important for them to hype every new game coming out for their system, yet they forget about those games a few months later and so does sony...nice "future-proof" system. sony seems content releasing sequel after sequel instead of building their games up for extended playability and replay value...

king dong3544d ago

also bladestar, there's a clone of you loose on here! who's more than just a sony leg-humper mate...infact it seems like he inserts more than discs in his ps3!

bubbles up mate!

Stryfeno23544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Agreed.....Let see these droids spin this.

Rich16313544d ago

I 'm looking forward to these!

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