Team X-tender presents the XCM 360 SATA to PC USB

Check out its following amazing features:

Backup Game Saves
Back up all your Xbox 360 Game Saves and media files onto your PC with ease and comfort.
Utilize your Xbox 360 Hard Disc storage space to the max by achieving files onto your PC.

XCM 360 SATA do not require the XBOX to be "turned" on while in use. You can detach the Xbox 360 and access the Xbox 360 HD without the Xbox 360 unit. (The XCM 360 SATA has its own independent power source for maximum power stability while file transfer) XCM 360 SATA is the only portable unit of its kind in the market today!!!

Ease of use
XCM 360 SATA is a "plug and play" device recognized by both your windows OS PC as well as your Xbox 360(TM). XCM 360 SATA supports USB 2.0 for super fast file transfer with speeds up to 480 mbps.

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MONTY 1876192d ago

This is great! i only have 2 gb left!

FeralPhoenix6192d ago

This will come in very handy!

Guttersnype6192d ago

Was waiting for something like this.


so this will let me take MP3's from my pc hard drive and copy them on my xbox hardrive, and i can then play them through my xbox, right?

OutLaw6191d ago

Hey Alan!! If you don't like the 360 fine. But stop voting lame on every topic if your not going to explain why is it lame.

THELANDSOFSAND6191d ago (Edited 6191d ago )

don't let him get to you, he's just another depressed PS3 fan.

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