Edge: Consoles Ranked by Social Brand Presence

Social-media-services provider Vitrue claims that Microsoft's Xbox 360 is one of the most-mentioned brands on social-networking and blog sites.

Microsoft's machine was the fifth-most mentioned brand within a range of blogs, micro-blogs, social networks and various other web 2.0 sites that Vitrue measures. " Sony " follows closely behind at ninth, with Microsoft at eleventh, " Nintendo " at thirteenth and " PlayStation " behind the pack at number 15. Apple's iPhone, unsurprisingly, sits in at first.

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killzone2flop3639d ago

Obviously Xbox360 is the most sort out console this gen.

Kushan3639d ago

You mean "sought out"?

Stryfeno23639d ago

I'm not surprised. Xbox 360 is probably the best console I own this gen. It might also be my all time favorite console.

FarEastOrient3639d ago

This seems like its just US data and not the rest of the world. Also how is "Wii" at 13th?

Kushan3639d ago

Because nobody bothers playing their wii, so why would they talk about it?

Strikepackage Bravo3639d ago

This was a measurement of social websites and blogs, last I checked the internet does not stop at US boarders.

Now the Wii number was a bit surprising. The wii is a joke though, so I guess its not much to say about it unless it's NPD time.

kewlkat0073639d ago

I didn't know America OWN all the Internet pages on the World Wide Web as well...

Tony999Montana3639d ago

Besides the fact that you're wrong, I doubt that EDGE, a UK magazine, would use US data..

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a_cold_soul3639d ago

Well it is the xbox360, so this data don't surprise me not one bit.

Lombax3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Clicked on the wrong tab in Firefox...

Move along. Nothing to see here folks.


Ok, I read it now. I don't want to be the first guy that brings up the RRoD subject but... I think that may be one reason "XboX360" appears all over the web.

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