Mario Kart Wii is 2008's biggest selling game on global level

VG247: A joint report from NPD, GfK Chart-Track and Enterbrain has just claimed that Mario Kart Wii was 2008's biggest selling game across the US, Europe and Japan.

The Wii racer sold 8.94 million units last year, beating off Wii Fit with 8.31 million sales and an eye-watering effort from GTA IV. The Rockstar smash moved 7.29 million copies.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl came fourth with 6.32 million sales, and Treyarch will no doubt be thrilled with a fifth place for World at War and 5.89 million units sold, even without a Japanese release.

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kesvalk3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

too much for HD gaming >;p

sorry, i just needed to say that, being swalowing fanboys for a whole year...

jtucker783544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

And you're happy that Mario Kart Wii came out on top?

I find it depressing that a free-for-all party game takes number one spot. It just goes to show how stupid members of the general public are.

If a game like The Conduit took number one sales spot for 2009 then I would be happy with that. But it won't happen because the public are f*cking idiots and they buy whatever they see getting advertised in front of their barely comprehending faces.
See below:

Sales + utter sh1t:
Mario Sonic at the Olympics
Mario Party 10
Wii fit

Low Sales + excellent:
Eternal Darkness
Zack & Wiki
Shadow of the Colossus
Beyond Good and Evil

Sales =/= good game.

Don't be happy that Kart is number one. Be sad that it isn't a real game like Brawl.

...and if you want to be even more depressed look at Wii Fit - number 2

A horrible Top 5 like that is why you've been swallowing Fanboys last year. That is their evidence for the Wii being a casual console.

ChickeyCantor3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Let's not pretend Mario kart is a bad game.
Mario kart is not a bad game, not at all.

Although it's subjective.

The console itself is not casual, the majority of the audience is.
Big difference.
(But i guess you meant it like that?).

The main problem is that a game like MARIO KART is promoted in an excellent way.
There is a reason why it got 8m+ sales.
Zack and wiki however, haven't seen one commercial here in the Netherlands.
Same goes for No more heroes.

Good marketing can sell anything. And i havn't seen any.

Also how will Wii ever be "hardcore" to you if the majority of "core" gamers don't support it in the first place and cry all day that no "core" games sell on the Wii?
Double standard much?

Lets hope The conduit will sell at least a million.

" But it won't happen because the public are f*cking idiots and they buy whatever they see getting advertised in front of their barely comprehending faces."

Exactly, so where are the damn commercials for games like zack and wiki?

I say publishers are doing a sh/tty job.

" It just goes to show how stupid members of the general public are. "
Why are they stupid? If they enjoy a game like this?
Why not convince them otherwise, as in that other games are great too...
Again i don't see that happening either.

Btw Brawl sold pretty close to those numbers.
So how is it depressing?

jtucker783544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Mario Kart Wii isn't a bad game, but it is the worst Mario Kart.
Maybe if the original wasn't so amazing MK Wii wouldn't look so bad.
Online doesn't make up for it having the worst gameplay.

EDIT: Ahhh... you're from the Netherlands. That explains why you understand the words I say but not the subtleties of my meaning.

I always wondered why you couldn't get what I was saying.
That will be where all our arguments come from.

Your English is very good for a second language.
You speak far better English than I speak any other language.

ChickeyCantor3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Like i said it's all subjective.
And i'm actually surprised Mario kart sold this much.
Honestly i thought it would only sell a million or 2.

And not sure if you are trying to give a compliment or just trying to put me infront of a wall of sarcasm...
(Ya need to be careful on N4G since sarcasm isn't always getting to its destination xD).

Maybe, maybe I'm not getting everything people put up here. Maybe.
I give in to that.

Product3544d ago

I laugh when people think Brawl in a more core title then Mario Kart.Just because its a fighting game doesnt mean its more hardcore then racing.Brawl used to be a party game atleast in my eyes and party games to me are 4 players in the same room having fun especially in the n64 version because there was no online then.

Mario Kart is a great game and better then double dash because it gets back to basics.If you actually play Mario Kart online youll see that racing lines and defense(holding a banana peel or turtle shell behind you at all times) when your in front is the key to a victory and dont even complain about blue shells seeing as how if your good you dont need to worry about them.Mario Kart had more features then any other MK and the only gripe i can really find is the battle mode which did suffer compared to n64 Mario Kart which was the best for multiplayer.

Im getting tired of peopel thinking Brawl is this awesome game.It is good but saying its a more core game then Mario Kart is crazy.Whats so hardcore about Samus fighting Kirby?or Game&Watch fighting Sonic?They all seem like Mascots to me and although the game is fun i feel there is way more skill involved in mastering Mario Kart then Brawl atleast in my eyes and challenge is where i determine if a game is hardcore or not.
Mario Kart is always almost the best selling game in every Nintendo gen so this makes sense.

Jtucker this wasnt going towards you really since almost everyone thinks this around here and i dont know why.

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BrotherNick3544d ago

Lol, it's just a fun game.

ChickeyCantor3544d ago

Open zone he,
I guess you got them good.

Gr813544d ago

Said before April 2008 that MK would outsell GTA4 combined, they woulda been laughed outta existence. The thing that is amazing is that almost every Nintendo exclusive outsold the most overhyped game since halo 3.

Brawl is great, I love it. It is a fast paced chess match. Kart is the best console iteration since the 64 version. The most telling thing from this chart though, again, Nintendo's games on the list are exclusive. There are no exclusive game on either HD platform that cracked the top 5.

And ppl like to say WIi has a hard time selling software? lol.

Simon_Brezhnev3544d ago

fúcking mods deleted my comment i'll say it again according 2 xbox fanboys sales = quality so Mario Kart Wii is the best game last year

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