Killzone 3 inevitable - Killzone 2 ending (Spoiler)

GH writes: "I completed Killzone 2 yesterday. Roughly 10 hours of gripping first person shooter gameplay that I won't forget in a hurry. I'm currently writing up the Killzone 2 review, which will appear on the site later this week, but I'm already excited that there will almost certainly be a Killzone 3.

If you don't want to read about the ending of Killzone 2, then move along, otherwise read on."

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CaliGamer3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

What is with the conflicting reports of the game's length? Is it 5 or 10 hours long? I suspect something funny going on with the reviewers possibly related to the difficulty they are playing the game on.

A shame that they don't divulge that information during their reviews, I guess they would rather be less than honest than risk looking like amateurs. Go figure.

This game will rock by the way, does anyone know when access to the demo will be granted for people who reserved at Gamestop?

I refused to watch this video by the way, why ruin that game so close to release is beyond me, another reason some reviewers need to be banned from receiving these games early, they just can't keep their mouth shut. A true disservice to all gamers I say.