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PlayFrance writes: "Killzone, or the story of a PS2 game surmédiatisé, which is renowned for its studio, Guerrilla, and the franchise in 2004. A universe catchy, a surprising achievement, impressive animation for a rather mixed outcome once the game started. After a successful PlayStation Portable on a little over two years, it was the turn of the PlayStation 3 to host a new film featuring the terrible war between the forces of the ISA and the terrible Helgasts."

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killzone2flop3545d ago

Another PERFECT SCORE let them keep rolling in.

BattleAxe3545d ago

I just read a bunch of your comments, and all you've been doing is trashing Killzone 2 and Sony, GET A LIFE LOSER!

thereapersson3545d ago

the fact that this clown still has 3 bubbles is testament to how broken the bubble system really is.

Omega43545d ago

The fact that you guys reply to his comments means you care what he's saying

So it shouldnt surprise you he has 3 bubbles, infact im surprised he doesnt have more

NegativeCreep4273545d ago

This D*ck-head is offically going on my ignore list. I can actually make meaningful (most of the time funny) comments that actually have substance and not B.S. like PP's yet he/she/it has more bubbles than I do.

The moderators here at N4G hate it when I back up my claims with facts and true logic.

atttentionshore3545d ago

its all right to trash killzone
thats what the open zone is for
dont try to deprive him of his right to hate anything freely

stagga3545d ago

I think an average of 9.4 from 60 reviews says it all really. There are bound to be a few reviewers who don't think it's the greatest game ever. Take a look on Metacritic at Gears of War 2, Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4. They all have some reviews that rate them 8/10 or even less but only a fanboy would argue they're not great games. A fanboy like "Killzone2flop" for instance! Besides, since when was an 8.5 not an extremely positive review?

Fishy Fingers3545d ago

You guys realise they're only reviewing the single player campaign? They'll have another review up soon including multiplayer so expect a higher mark.

Do people purely read the mark out of ten then comment?

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LTC3545d ago

Im not even gonna read your comment

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3545d ago

...put him/it on ignore, i did ages ago(as he/it is pp) ;)
He is just here to wind people up.

PotNoodle3545d ago

Before you all start crying..

They also gave games like Gears of war 2 - 8.5

Its just how their review system works.

GrieverSoul3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

French people dont like Killzone! ;)

Serious though, French reviews are the only stain in a almost flawless review score.

Dipso3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

I think we can expect to see a lot more reviews of this ilk, from what I've read so far its seems Killzone 2 does everything perfectly but nothing really new which will disappoint some critics.

The hype was bound to cause damage and you will have always some people that demand innovation but I'm more than happy just to play a solid title with so few flaws.

PotNoodle3545d ago

Which is a shame that a PS3 exclusive HAS to do something new, CoD4 didn't do anything new, why was that so loved by critics?

It should be the same with killzone 2, even though i do think it does things new.

It brings a much deeper multiplayer experience to a console shooter which i don't think has been touched by anyone yet.

thor3545d ago

Yes the double-standards are going to become particularly apparent when the reviews for Resident Evil 5 roll in. Does it do anything new? No. Does it matter? Maybe - but then it would matter for BOTH games not either one selectively.

gijose3545d ago

COD4 didn't do much new, if anything, but it was such a polished, accessible game (at least for multiplayer)

thor3545d ago

Actually I think world at war is a much better example than CoD4. I mean, that game had pretty much zero innovation - it used the EXACT same formula as CoD4, right down to the engine and multiplayer perks system, and set it in the "oh how original" second world war. Sure, it added stuff, BUT the things it added are pretty standard FPS features like co-op.

Cheeseknight283545d ago

Well World at War did receive worse scores from most publications than Modern Warfare - and for good reason, I couldn't even get past the 7th or 8th level of WaW without being bored to tears.

Modern Warfare did innovate in that it created a shooter set in a modern time that also had a compelling story. I only went online in COD4 once, but I managed to complete the entire Campaign on Hardened and parts on Veteran. The multiplayer just didn't interest me in the way that the Campaign did.

On the other hand, Resident Evil 5 innovates the survival horror franchise in that it brings a robust co-op mode to the playing field, something which no previous RE or any horror game (That I know of) has done before.

I personally have nothing against Killzone 2, but I know I'm going to get disagrees for this anyway. From what I can tell, KZ2 only polishes the FPS to a sheen but doesn't go out of it's way to create a magnificent story or any other radical innovations in the way that COD4 did. I'm sure most buyers are only getting it for the multiplayer, but reviewers have to take both sides into account. Personally, the "tough/mute guy(s) fighting aliens" story got old for me after Halo 2 / Gears of War / Resistance: Fall of Man / Half-Life. I may end up getting it, but first I'll have to see what Halo Wars gets for scores. I haven't played a good RTS in such a long time, so it would be nice if HW gets a stamp of approval (To all naysayers, search yesterday's news on n4g. There was a report on the demo of HW that claimed Ensemble has got it right).

thor3545d ago

Well I think the story is very fleshed out and such - there are a lot of backstory articles on the website. But it's a sequel. They are constrained to that particular story arc. I don't think that CoD4 revolutionised storytelling in games. What felt different for me when I first played CoD4 was just that you die in only a few hits. Seriously. That's the only thing.

Resident Evil 5 has NOT brought co-op to the survival horror genre; it has become an action game with co-op. And that's been done better before.

Killzone 2 has little things which set it apart just as much as CoD4. The cover system is unique. Completely unique. And it changes the gameplay dramatically. From the reviews I've read, it's not just a gimmick. Now saying "class-based multiplayer" distills KZ2's MP to a point at which it doesn't sound innovative. CoD4 had perks, not classes, and with any one you could choose your weapon. Team Fortress 2 has distinct classes, but each one is forced to have the same weapon. KZ2 has classes and levelling up, sure, but you can mix and match the classes. Each class has abilities similar to TF2, and some have fixed weapons you must choose, but others are more flexible. Some of the class abilities are unique.

And certainly don't forget the graphics, sound, and attention to detail. Many people try to view Killzone 2 whilst "ignoring the graphics" - well I know WHY they do it, but they neglect the fact that the graphics add to the immersion factor, amaze you, and make the game more entertaining. That's a good thing. The immersion factor from great graphics and presentation is stronger than that from story; another factor that's unrelated to gameplay.

I think that if Killzone 2 is fun to play, then that's all that matters. If you stop looking at it from a "I've done this before" or a "let's look beyond the graphics" viewpoint you'll just enjoy the game.

Imagine - for a second - that Killzone 2 had come out BEFORE CoD4, BEFORE Halo 3, BEFORE any other great FPS you care to name. Then it would be THOSE games that got the short straw for "not bringing anything new to the table".

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info3545d ago

this is a provisional mark as they state they have to test and mark the online multiplayer component. The mark will go up !

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