Why all dads should buy a Wii


"I've been ultra-critical of the Wii over the past year or so. Not because I'm waging a one man war against it or anything but because the novelty wore off, plain and simple. But maybe that novelty factor is a good thing? Novelty and fun are certainly things young kids like. Which is why every dad should buy a Nintendo Wii."

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jtucker783642d ago

...and I sold my Wii, but that is because I'm the only gamer in my house and my kids are still too young.

I'd probably buy one back for the kids when they get older and so I can play the Conduit and Monster Hunter.

player9113642d ago

...and I still have mine.

I bought one because my wife's friends were raving how it is awesome exercise which made my wife believe she could play the Wii for a few days and instantly shed 15 pounds. I think she played the original NES mario bros a few times...

I sold it Christmas '07 for $750 when the demand was crazy. I bought a new one a few months later because I run a Wii Chat site ( ).

The only time I play it is when I convert one of my old school ROM's over into a WAD file to install as a Virtual console game, to play on my TV vs PC.

The Wii doesn't have any games that interest me so it just sits there collecting dust.