Gran Turismo 6 will look like this, the video

PSFocus posted a video of how Gran Turismo 6 would like on the PlayStation 3 in the future.

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killzone2flop3571d ago

I'll guess no one has told the droids Forza Motorsport 3 will already look like that.

thereapersson3571d ago

Well everyone has told you you're an idiot but you keep ignoring that fact, so...

BattleAxe3571d ago

Wow, I didn't think that people this stupid actually existed.

thereapersson3571d ago

Just hang out on YouTube for a while and you'll find this is commonplace

2 cents3571d ago

I wish Forza3 would look like that. But lets just hope it looks on par with GT5P, which i doubt it will.

PS3ALLDAY1223571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

some one is scared dumb xbot ha

krouse933570d ago

why would it Forza 2 looked like a freakin Dreamcast game.

rbrtchng3570d ago

What exactly does "will already" mean?

That's like saying, I will be playing Halo 4 yesterday.

PoSTedUP3570d ago

HAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAH rbtchng you are the man! lol good laugh my dude. i will talk to you already tomorrow man peace XD.

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shingo3571d ago

ok, but ummmm... RELEASE 5 ALREADY!! >:(

gamesmaster3571d ago

yeah can we have 5 first please :|

Montrealien3571d ago

yeah, what is this? I want GT 5!!

uie4rhig3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

ray tracing:O
imagine that in real time :O
hmm i wonder if the PS4/Xbox 720/Wii 2 will be able to that..

infact.. scrap Wii 2.. i doubt Nintendo will go for powerful hardware..

btw.. did you know 3ps3's can render a ray traced image in real time .. .. three ps3's running linux, you'd probs be able to do so with only two ps3's if you could get full hardware access..

EDIT: reading that description on youtube.. it says "Rendering created by 'Proper Graphics' ( to similar standards of the vehicles in Gran Turismo 5. However, using advanced rendering techniques, they managed to achieve a much higher level of detail with the same number of polygons. Visit to learn more."

if polyphony digital changes their rendering approach, they could get much higher quality on the PS3 as well.. hmm i really hope they change it for GT5 and if not, can't wait for GT6 :O

Montrealien3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

hey, the game will look 6 years! I don't know about you but I live now, not 6 years in the future.

Eitherway every racing game I play I compare to this, so I remember where we came from, and appreciate where we are much better.

fishd3571d ago real-time raytracing GG Dev says it within the first 30 seconds.

edhe3571d ago

Real time raytracing will probably be one of the features of next gen chips - but they'd need to change their GPUs away from the current setups to something like IBM's larrabee.

Just think - raytraced graphics native to 1080p on 3d screens :)

.. and then there's the wii2.

uie4rhig3570d ago

hmm that's a while back.. thanks for making my life miserable.. now i'm gna be wasting my time with that game even tho i have like 5 assignments i need to finish in two weeks :(
lol :) used to play it on a weird portable device.. can't remember what it was, but it was a failing.. AWESOME graphics, and SO MANY colours (black and white FTW :D ) lol hmm there were like 9 other games on there.. cant remember em.. meh!! owell lol

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jay23571d ago

Very nice...... but give us 5 first and stop beating around the bush with GT5P patches/updates.

pixelsword3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

...until I get 5.

I also think this is an old video.

Syphled3571d ago

This video is recently released by the little CGI company Proper Graphics as an example of how it would be. This video is send to Polyphony Digital, but the guys behind this video didn't receive any comment so far...

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