Have You Seen This Mii?

IncGamers report that Kanagawa police department in Japan are using a Mii to look for a hit and run driver.

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Dorjan3545d ago

Really!? That is crazy, did it work??

Terrice3545d ago

Yea, it'd be interesting to know how effective it was.

AndyA3545d ago

He looks like a bit of a psycho in that picture. If anything, if you were a nutcase, you'd probably try to make your Mii look a bit more normal.

Leord3545d ago

Yeah, well, I guess it's the witnesses' impression rather than the driver's actual Mii.

Terrice3545d ago

Indeed, its hard to tell whether they're using it as an alternative to someone drawing up a design or if they've somehow linked the person to a Mii account.

Maticus3545d ago

Ha, that's brilliant xD

Leord3545d ago

Hehe, well, if you don't have a skilled artist at the station, you do what you have to ;)

I assume it's used instead of an artist's impression rather than the Mii the car theft actually uses, if he even plays Wii.

9mmPreacher3545d ago

Great Story, I enjoyed reading it.

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The story is too old to be commented.