VG Cats Takes on Wario-Ware

I'm a huge fan of VG Cats, and I'm still trying to recover from their latest comic. The comic chronicles through one of the main characters playing through a friendly game of Wario-Ware. Some of the baton holding screens are pretty weird already, but VG Cats really takes it to another level.

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LiamFly4346d ago

I don't think that "donkey punch" picture is appropriate.

BB4346d ago

How is it offensive? There is nothing going on in the picture at all. Explain yourself

eclipsegryph4346d ago

Of course it's not appropriate - that's the point of the gag.

And there sure is a lot going on in that picture, if you've got an active (and perverse) imagination!

BB4346d ago

Exactly, it's in the eye of the beholder, but if you look at the actual picture, it isn't inappropriate. And trust me, the rest of the pictures in the article are much worse than this one... lol