Xbox 360 update coming February?

The Xbox 360 could be getting an update this month to fix sound problems caused by the New Xbox Experience (NXE) installation. Microsoft is planning a February update for the Xbox 360 and NXE, according to rumours. The reason appears to be a fix for a bug in the Xbox's NXE interface, causing major headaches for some gamers who have an Xbox 360 hooked up to the TV via a HDMI cable.

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Solidsnakex233545d ago

if it is just my xbox or is it because of the NXE that my menu screen takes forever to load. I mean once I turn it on it takes about 2 or 3 minutes to load everything up. Has this happened to anyone here?

ASSASSYN 36o3545d ago

I don't have that problem. But I do have occasional drops of nxe party chat rooms when people turn off their xbox 360 without signing out of chat. Only happens in game though. I don't have this sound issue at all either.

meatnormous3545d ago

I am using the HDMI with no problems.

meatnormous3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Is the VGA connection all its cracked up to be cause I was thinking of going that route to free up an HDMI port. I know that the sound would be through optical but the 360 can only do 5.1 so no biggie.

Kushan3545d ago

VGA will be about the same as HDMI. I mean, technically HDMI is far superior, but really it's only a problem if you use a really long and really cheap VGA cable (The official ones from Microsoft are very good quality) as the analogue signal can be prone to interference, whereas HDMI is digital so it's not.
In other words, you'll be hard pushed to notice a difference, the only catch is that VGA will ONLY do 60Hz, so any old Xbox games that are 50hz only will simply not work.

cheapndirty3544d ago

turn off the welcome message. See if that helps.

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sugard03545d ago

WHY HAS THIS TAKEN SO LONG! HOW DARE THEY! I mean even Sony is faster then them at releasing patches and we pay for this damn service! What on Earth is taking them!

Kushan3545d ago

You do NOT pay for this service, this has nothing to do with Xbox Live other than the update can be supplied through it.

In saying that, I do agree that it's taken far too long for them to fix this. I'm fortunate in that I use HDMI (With audio) without a problem.

JD_Shadow3545d ago

Although I JUST got my 360 (gamertag is darkpowrjd, by the way), and I really don't have anything to compare the sound to (I'm using HDMI, as well).

Kushan3545d ago

If you've got sound, you haven't got a problem. The problem is that some people simply aren't getting sound over HDMI since the NXE. Nobody's really sure of what it is, but it's believed to be a glitch in the HDCP handshake.