Man Arrested Because He Threatened to Blow Up Hudson Entertainment

Slashgamer writes: "A 29-year-old Japanese man threatened to blow up and/or killing all the employees who work for the video game company Hudson Entertainment According to the police, Takao Ike made the criminal threats because he was unsatisfied of the quality of games Hudson had been releasing..."

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KrazyFace3549d ago

I must admit, I get a little p*ssed off with devs n' companies re-releasing the same garbage over and over again but this is just a tad extreme. He'll probably get a slap on the wrist and told to calm down and go home though.


shawnsl653549d ago

damn.. talk about "hardcore gamer" he was prlly pissed off that Bomberman Ultra got delayed.

kesvalk3549d ago

i would let him if he was dressed with a bomberman costume...