Sony's "global" connectivity plans within 6 months

It appears that Sony's future with the device is connectivity with anything and everything, by using the PLAYSTATION 3 as the PSP's media hub. "We're hoping to incorporate that functionality [Remote Play] in the very near future - from a local level at the moment to a global level probably within the next six months," said Jonathan Fargher, a spokesman for Sony. "If I have my MP3 Walkman or my iPod, or digital camera connected to PS3 then I can access those devices too."

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GaMr-4278d ago

But please make this all take a backseat to gaming.

MikeMichaels4278d ago

Your confused...

Sony makes hardware, game developers make software.

Boink4278d ago

sony develops games as well.

and the lack of kits, and lack of developer support are why all the game companies are having so many problems getting their games onto the ps3.

Captain Tuttle4278d ago (Edited 4278d ago )

"Jack of all trades, master of none". ; )

THWIP4278d ago

I always liked "Wears many hats....but none of them fit well". :p

BIadestarX4278d ago

I wish companies would copy Sony a bit more.
I would like my oven to do my laundry, my tv to heat my apartment. As matter of fact I would like my dvd player to cook food even if it can't play movies as good as others.

Damn, Sony what we want is games!

kingboy4278d ago

what do mean we want games like it isn`t coming?geez !how old is the ps3 ever since it launched? How many games are still in development? You want bloody games,well wait like others did before Gears of Wars came

BIadestarX4278d ago

I'm not complaining about the games the PS3 has or will get or what the 360 didn't have. But I would be pissed of as a 360 owner if microsoft would be spending resources on making the 360 linkup with the zune so I can play games on the zune screen intead of the tv while ignoring what gamers are asking for in terms of online service, etc.
How many people will spend $200+ for a PSP and $600 for a console to do this @#[email protected]#$!

Arkham4278d ago (Edited 4278d ago )

Well, can't you already use your 360 to heat your apartment?

Ah, I'm just joshin'. The door was left wiiide open, I just couldn't resist. ;)

Maddens Raiders4278d ago (Edited 4278d ago )

all of these bells, whistles, & perks are fine and dandy. From IPTV, to PSP connectivity, to Remote Play and the Linux OS are all very kick a$$ to me, but please focus SNE -- on what got you here.

G A M E S. Remember? Yes, lots and lots of games. *sigh*

MikeMichaels4278d ago

Their all morons.

....and anything their beloved 360 can't do is crap.

You guys should keep an open mind about things instead of acting like spoiled children.

"Ones man's trash is another man's treasure". Im sure lots of people will get use out of these extended features. Good job Sony.

Captain Tuttle4278d ago

No reason to get's just a game console.