PSU Killzone 2 Review

PSU writes: 'Epic' is a word that is loosely banded around the videogame industry. In practically every press release pimping the latest game that comes fluttering into our inbox, we find that very noun used nonchalantly by publishers trying to convince us that its game will be the next big thing. There are very few games that I'd personally describe as epic, only a handful in fact; Oblivion, Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear Solid, God of War and Grand Theft Auto spring to mind. As for first person shooters? Well, not really. Perhaps I could add Call of Duty 4 and Resistance 2 to the list if I was feeling particularly generous, but after a week of playing Killzone 2, I have a new understanding of the word epic, and those two games, as great as they are, don't quite fit into that category. Killzone 2, however, is as epic a game as I've ever played; it's a chaotic, intense, and cinematic experience that blows every other shooter right out of the water. Shout it from the rooftops folks, "Killzone 2 has arrived!" And if it isn't the system seller that the Sony bigwigs are hoping for, they might as well pack their bags and shut down HQ, because Killzone 2 will simply blow you away!

We like:

- The flowing and aggressive gameplay
- The look and feel of the weapons
- The amazing visuals and outstanding audio

We dislike:

- The weak storyline

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KillzoneKid3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Game of the forever

certainly BEST FPS ever

PSU is listed at metacritic

please be aware

fishd3572d ago

Guerrilla Games,serving crow since Jan 29th...

Fat Bastard3572d ago

Who's up for a circle jerk around Killzone 2?

Maddens Raiders3572d ago

I say full on KILLZPWN BUKKAKE let's go....

Helghast Slayer3572d ago

LOL KZ2 will be an amazing game. The reviews are in and it's a flawless victory. When a reviewers only complaints are "no co-op" you know the game is a masterpiece. Make sure you place your preoreders people. The masses have spoken and the verdict is in. KZ2 is the best fps so far this gen.

KillzoneKid3572d ago

the preorders for this game will jump 10000% tomorrow

just wait and see the meltdown tomorrow

Return Of The Bad Gu3572d ago

But I thought Killzone 2 was supposed to suck,what happened haters?

Haters?Hello,anyone out there?

KillzoneKid3572d ago

cuz their console wont withstand KZ2 effect

more misery incoming with Heavy Rain/Uncharted 2/MAG/Infamous etc

Unicron3572d ago

They'll wait for sales data, since that's all they seem to care about, since they all own stock in every company in question.

No matter what the sales are, all you'll hear is "buh buh buh teh Halo!!!!1"

Sarcasm3572d ago

You'll see plenty of

"bu bu bu but teh SaLeZ!!!"

Doesn't make Killzone 2 any less of an epic FPS. Cant wait for feb 27th.

Ichiryoka3572d ago

is seriously going to explode from all of these great reviews... I'm speechless. Kind of like a sense of euphoria. I can't explain it.

KillzoneKid3572d ago

mart/pog and co

where are u?

psiom3572d ago

God damn dude...

chill out.

Endorphin3572d ago

There are a lot of people that are excited for this game but seriously you're over blowing it.

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The story is too old to be commented.