No Killzone 2 Super Bowl Commercial for Sony=Fail?

"Now we all have heard of it being possible and have been expecting a Super Bowl commercial from Sony for upcoming title, Killzone 2. After watching the Super Bowl (by the way, congratulations to the Steelers), there were no signs of Sony or Killzone 2."



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Return Of The Bad Gu3572d ago

You actually wanted Sony to spend 2 Million Dollars on a Videogame Ad to run once?

Did you receive formal education?

RebornSpy3572d ago

I really doubted that Sony would do something like that. It isn't a good idea to spend that much money for one ad.

vickers5003572d ago

You actually didn't want them to? They have a sh*t ton of money, and history has proven with sh*tty games like Halo 3, that marketing is everything when it comes to sales. They could have boosted their sales sky high, or at least raised awareness about the game.

Maddens Raiders3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

FAIL. Period.

Good thing KILLZONE will sell like hotcakes though because of the uber-good reviews it's getting. 1st parties might as well be red-headed stepchildren to Sony, hell look at poor EVO....i have given them more advertising than SNE has....

MasFlowKiller3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Ohh NO, Ohh NO, Ohh NO this mean the game is no longer the number one pre order in amazon, gamestop and



wait, wat?



thatz not wat it means

ohh thank god

false alarm people, nothing to see here, move along




people, Super Bowl Commercial sometimes cost even more then the production cost of a game(and average game at best), i wasn't expecting sony to drop that amount of cash but i do hope to see some ads soon.

chaosatom3572d ago

2-3 million could be mean a lot to developing good psn games.


HighDefinition3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

RE5 have a superbowl commercial? If NOT it`ll FAIL.

The only thing that fails is GAMING JOURNALISM.

It would have been nice, but it`s not the end of Killzone2.

BTW......I don`t think COD4 had a superbowl commercial and it did pretty well for it`s self.

Why dis3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Forgot all about the supposed ad during the game.

These Sony fans are emotionally back and forth like mental patients.

Nothing wrong with having the first ad "premier" on SBS

"You actually wanted Sony to spend 2 Million Dollars on a Videogame Ad"

^^Yeah because Sony is the only company smart enough to know there is "no way" they could get *return* with ads.



LOL now KZ2 is just a video game and has no link/association with Sony's hardware lol.

Man_of_the_year3572d ago

You can thanks HHG for spreading more BS news here on N4G. And a certain following that believe the BS that HHG spreads as truth.

HHG if you are reading this - next time do some more research for your shows and stop spreading FUD as if it was fact.

HighDefinition3572d ago


There are some serious website disses goin down in this thread.

Hershy9993572d ago

30 million for 30 seconds.

3572d ago
morganfell3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Check your numbers Hershey, its 3 mil for 30 seconds.


freeblue3572d ago

when they can buy 1 weeks of adverstisement on Gamestop? ps.. damn GameStop still have put up one poster about killzone2. yet, it has props and signs about halo odst.

Why dis3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

I think fanboys wished for the ad. Sony knows the game/series is simply not known/popular enough to make a difference wasting money on a ad.

So #1 could be right in a way and this is the only way he could ever be right with his comment.

HighDefinition3572d ago

Who writes that below their description? That FAILS. Hit my site before you comment........right....

"No Killzone 2 Super Bowl Commercial for Sony=Fail?"

Says enough for me. Help don`t hurt journalism.

jwatt3572d ago

No it wasn't a fail, superbowl comercials are really expensive. I was satisfied with the comercials, Heroes, Startrak GI Joe and Transformers 2 was good enough for me.

dylz3572d ago

You obviously have no idea about advertising and one of these Americans who think your the only market that is important. The fact is there are more PS3s in Europe and the Asia pacific then America so why would they waste millions of dollars(which is probably more then there entire marketing budget)on an ad that doesn't even reach half there potential audience and will only run once.

P.S the NFL is alright to watch but it is nowhere near as good a spectacle as the AFL aussie rules football you should youtube it

Sitdown3572d ago

"Ohh NO, Ohh NO, Ohh NO this mean the game is no longer the number one pre order in amazon, gamestop and "

Well while it is the #1 pre-order in the video games category on amazon, it is no longer #1 in the video games category.

Maddens Raiders3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

you're talking out of your trousers again? You have no idea wtf you're talking about as America is the number one target market and most expensive in the world, period. What happens here changes the world and perceptions nincompoop. You nor your weak, watered down argument will eliminate that ((fact)). It is ((my)) opinion that they should've advertised, that would've been the smart thing to do, but they didn' let's move along now shall we....?

cryymoar3572d ago

to spend the ~$2 million on tens of commercials during launch week as opposed to one commercial a little less than a month away from release.

Maddens Raiders3572d ago

this is what a lot of you are missing. THEY ARE NOT going to do that.

There was a ((world)) stage tonight that could've catapulted the GG into millions of homes for great water cooler talk the next day at work. This would've been my strategy, but instead they are opting for the good 'ol Sony word of mouth advertising and viral stuff they're going to do on the 'net...blah, blah, blah.....America voted for change, but Sony is just too old school for that kind of change....i just hope like hell they know what their doing this time...

king dong3572d ago

but a few mil to a mega corp like sony is not much really! and with atleast a couple of hundred million people watching the superbowl, it would've been a great piece of exposure!

Legion3572d ago

"Robert Leon Bragg Says:
The question is where was the commercial??? They said one was gonna air and they don’t do it… That hurts their reputation in my opinion!"

That was the funniest statement I have heard yet!!! rotfl

Sony saying they are going to do something and then not, hurting their reputation? That IS their reputation. haha

dylz3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Yet again you show how ignorant you are There have been 21.3 million PS3 units sold only 5.7 million of which have been sold in America so why would sony waste all that money on a one time ad which contray to what you belive does not reach a worldwide market. You should get it through your peanut brain that America does not equal the world while it is important territory it should not be sony soul focus.

callahan093572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

I knew I was going to wake up today and see a stupid headline like this. The advertisement schedule was publicly available BEFORE the Super Bowl, and there were no video games on it.

Nobody advertises videogames during the Super Bowl. It's just too expensive to appeal to too large of an audience that doesn't care about it. You're not going to suddenly convert 50 million people that never play videogames because you show them an interesting commercial for one. They can get away with advertising movies at the Super Bowl because pretty much everybody on the planet will watch a movie from time to time, but the same cannot be said for videogames.

Did Microsoft fail because they didn't advertise Halo Wars or the 360 during the Super Bowl? Get real, people.

prowiew3572d ago

I think it could have been a good idea to show the ad at super bowl. But at these tough times, 2 to 3 million for just 30 seconds is a waste of money. With 2 to 3 million they can market it in better ways.

morganfell3572d ago

apens, contrary to what Maddens thinks, you are right and the commercials are exactly what they are going to do. Sony 's actions already point exactly to that. Sony's bulk marketing expenses will be spent in the two weeks prior to launch. SONY HAS ALREADY STATED AS MUCH BY DETAILING THE DATE WHEN THE MARKETING CAMPAIGN BEGINS.

Maddens, perceptions about the US leading are one thing, but reality of sales is another. Since some early mistakes around launch time, Sony has shift their strategy to focus on the reality of matters. Perception is not always reality and that is whey you will see Sony pushing hard in Europe as they know they have a better overall foothold there.

AAACE53572d ago

It may seem like an illogical thing to do by spending so much money on a spot during the superbowl, but the main purpose of marketing is to get as many people to get interested in your product. So technically, Superbowl would have been the perfect time to get people interested in KZ 2, primarily cause it is targeting that kind of audience.

Even the people who didn't watch superbowl will get interested cause someone at work will probably bring up the commercial they saw.

Note... I didn't read the article, but I am just responding to a couple of the comments listed.

majorsuave3572d ago

"RE5 have a superbowl commercial? If NOT it`ll FAIL.
BTW......I don`t think COD4 had a superbowl commercial and it did pretty well for it`s self. "

RE5 and COD4 are sequels for "game of the year" games. The RE franchise in a legend, it helped sell the PS1 like hot cakes.

KZ1 on the other hand was a merely okay shooter, most will learn it ever existed when they notice a KZ2 on the 4th shelf, below EA, Activision, Eidos and Ubisoft games. Oh... and probably 2K and THQ as well.

Lifendz3572d ago

thus prompting other shows to discuss the commercial at length (like they're discussing that baby commercial), then it was a wise move to not spend the money.

That 30 million can pay for bus advertising across the country for a month. Why I still don't see KZ2 ads in the train or on the bus in NYC is insane. But hey, it's still early. Sony has to start advertising at least two weeks prior to launch imo.

T3L3PROOF3572d ago

No Halo Wars Super Bowl Commercial for Microsoft=Fail?

that's your answer

BWS19823571d ago

FPS games don't sell exclusively in the US, so your argument is partially flawed. They are "western" franchises (shooters), but to state that only the few million US PS3's will be potential KZ2 targets isn't rational. Depending on the overall strategy, a Superbowl ad may or may not have been prudent, it's hard to say, from my own opinion. But I can vouche for the simple fact that MANY Americans around me watch that game JUST for the ads, so I can state that attention spans and commercial impact would be very high had it been there. I just don't know what kind of budget Sony can afford in the current financial climate we're in, I don't work there.

dylz3571d ago

I don't think that you read my comment propley I agree with you that was my while argument in fact.

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Helghast Slayer3572d ago

Oh well. I'm quite certain kz2 will sell respectively well. Although a super bowl ad would have made peoples purchase that much easier.

lokiroo4203572d ago

Right K2 should have advertised even though there was not a single game advertisement. Go fvck yourself you loser a$$ piece of sh1t.

Helghast Slayer3572d ago

WTF you got a problem dumb c*nt? Stupid reject you would know my comment was nothing but praise for KZ2 if you didn't have your fanbrat goggles on. I have KZ2 preordered in full and picking it up day one.

Get of the computer and go outside prick. You're lucky i don't know you otherwise i'd punch your f#cking face in you delusional mole.


You fellas crack me up ........ I personally could care less if I see one advertisement from here to till launch . I know i'm getting my copy and my buddys are getting theres .

Violater3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

looking for hits with their redundant stories FAIL.

Multiple accounts and Fanboys FAIL

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Nick2120043572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

First of all, this articlewas just posted and the Super Bowl just ended so it can not be redundant. It might be about the Killzone 2 commercial but it explains how this relates to the marketing. This is not similar to the other articles in any way so please read.

Violater3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

When did Sony or GG say there was going to be a Superbowl add?
The fanboy fodder on the internet is where it all started.
So no thanks, keep your desperate story titles and your hit starved site.
Yea spending millions of dollars for one 60 second commercial a whole month before release makes a whole lot of sense.
No your FUD site= FAIL

Nick2120043572d ago

Then do not comment cause what your saying right now makes no sense at all. The article never states Sony said there would be one. If they were to release an amazing commercial, everyone would see it and it would cause buzz. This buzz would make people talk and then it becomes very good marketing.

Blaze9293572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

lmao, someone's a little upset. But he's right :/

well anyway, i guess people learned their lesson about trusting yet alone even GOING to hiphopgamer anymore. They seriously pull random crap outta their ass and run with it. And people believed it is what gets me! $100,000/second which wouldve been $5,200,000 for Sony to air that, admit it, mediocre trailer. Wow talk about being blinded by Killzone 2.

HighDefinition3572d ago

I think if anything.....

They should have shown the "BALLET OF DEATH" trailer, or a piece of it anyway.

Violater3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Hey I am sorry you are offended, but making a flamebait article does not exactly exhibit journalistic integrity.


additionally who is this "we all" you are referring to?

"Now we all have heard of it being possible and have been expecting a Super Bowl commercial from Sony for upcoming title, Killzone 2"

Ahh i see you are out of bubbles..... pity

HighDefinition3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Bird Nest Soup. To gaming journalism going down the drain. It`s all shock value sh!t now.


evrfighter3572d ago

well i wasn't gonna visit the site but I gave it a hit in your stead.

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ultimolu3572d ago

They should have advertised but it's not the end of the world.

DavidMacDougall3572d ago

Its the end of the world for you juuken im going to pwn your ass on Killzone 2

You won't even see it coming!

ultimolu3572d ago

Just joo wait! >-<

DavidMacDougall3572d ago

Just stabbed you! I had the sniper camo on and was walking slowly you never seen it coming you where to busy shooting the wall apart because of how good it looked, amatuer!

drdistracto7073572d ago

then i shoved a rocket up mcdougall's a$$ and watched it blow him to sh!tz, unfortunately, i was standing next to him when it happened

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rucky3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Sony needs to spam commercials rather than just having one. SPAM SPAM SPAM!!! mmmmmm