Dissidia Final Fantasy tops Japanese Charts in January passed along today Enterbrain's monthly sales recap for January, covering December 29 through January 25. Dissidia Final Fantasy was once again tops for the month, beating out some long-legged Nintendo titles and even the mighty Monster Hunter.

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PixlSheX3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

Imagine when FFXIII comes out.

ZackFair3543d ago

WKC made it back into the top 10? :D

KKanjiAnkh3543d ago

It's amazing to see the PSP, going what on four years, no handheld, has lasted this long, to any GameBoy iteratation.


AllroundGamer3543d ago

i have like 50-60 hours already on this game, it is so great, even when i don't understand the items and upgrades :D so i desperately wait for the US/EU version, so i can play with more strategy :)

Crystallis3543d ago

It tops Japanese charts, thats fine and all but when do the rest of the world get this game?