Gallery: Calling All Cars

David Jaffe's downloadable PS3 game Calling All Cars is still set to come out sometime this spring, but last night Sony released this new batch of screen caps and art for the game.

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Violater4278d ago

interested in any of these games, Flow included I don't see why so much time is put into these PS2 looking games.

ammojoe4278d ago

It looks great but not very deep (at least from the trailer). However I agree that I probably wont be interested in these types of games either.

DJ4278d ago

I just want to know how fun it is.

Devastator_oftheweak4278d ago

Flow is quite entertaining, watching your creature evolve as you control it with just the sixaxis movements, and the R2 for boost. Give sony credit they are putting out some new game demos for their online service unlike the microsoft shell out of old arcade games you've played many times before (street fighter, umk3, pacman, dig dug, etc.) True sony is doing that is some respects too, as they have put up Q*bert and Lemmings, but everything else has been their own, (flow,calling all cars, Blast Factor, etc.) each has a great system but you have to give them time. People should try flow though, can be very trancing and addictive IMO

sabbath4204278d ago

Now thats be3ond! all that 4d power is sure showing itselfe now.

Merovee4278d ago (Edited 4278d ago )

So your what 12? Newsflash kid: Fun if fun no matter how it looks. If it were all about the graphics 100% of the time the Wii would have never sold and VC and XBLA wouldn't exist either.

And as a gamer this game looks fun as $4!t.

techie4277d ago

I hate it that people place Flow on Sony. It was designed before Sony was ever involved...but SOny were interested in this project that some kids were doing for their degree...employed them and the game was built by them with help. It's a rags to Riches story and they should be given a lot of credit for a beutiful and interesting game.

coolfool4277d ago

I am not sure if I am stating the obvious here but hasn't this game been online for a while?

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