First New Madden NFL 10 Feature Revealed: Procedural Awareness

After reporting the initial Madden 10 news, Operation Sports goes into detail about the first major new feature of Madden NFL 10 - Procedural Awareness.

What does that mean? Put simply, a player has to see things before he can react. No longer can he psychically know where the ball is - so people who hate it when a DB intercepts a ball with his back to the play, for instance, rejoice.

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TheHater3573d ago

When will EA hold on the NFL license end? I can't wait for 2K sports to start making NFL games again.

JonahFalcon3573d ago

Stop hatin'.

Oh, wait, you're TheHater. :p

TruthBTold3573d ago

I thought the Madden contract had ended and was not going to be renewed.

Hot_tea3572d ago

4 million wake up and realize that football games are dogsh1t and pretty much the same as last year, and stop wasting 60 bucks...oh, maybe that won't happen.

Bolts3572d ago

People love football games. Get over it.

Huntmaster173572d ago

Man chillout, its not like you're forced to buy it.. geez

Balance3572d ago

EA sucks. the problem is come august i really want to play a football game and madden is the only NFL option. every year they add "features" but 2 weeks after the game is out is a glitchy buggy POS that they never fix. BTW if i remember ea renewed their nfl license till like 2012 or something.

Yi-Long3572d ago

1: ... why are games like NFL and NHL as expensive here in Europe as they are in America? (more expensive actually; 60 euro is about 75-80 dollars)

Here, almost no-one cares about the sport and the new rosters, but DO care about the gameplay!? I bet a game like NHL09 would sell ALOT more when they'd price it 30 euro at it's release here, simply cause it's a great game that can be enjoyed without being a hockey-fan, but people certainly arent going to pay 60 bucks for it (here in Holland)

EA should really take into account that in Europe people are a whole lot less willing to pay full-price for the newest American sports games. Just as I'm sure many in America like to play 'soccer' games, but dont REALLY care about the new rosters.

2: When will they finally include the Euphoria engine into sportsgames!? Just imagine bodychecking in NHL and NFL and sliding someone inhalf in Fifa, with the Euphoria engine at work.

JonahFalcon3572d ago

Blame the import tax, not EA.

DarkSniper3572d ago

This isnt good. Especially for Dark Sniper's opponents who dare try to challenge him in Madden. With this feature, this means that Dark Sniper will be able to simply throw a football, click over and Rocket Catch the ball without the DB knowing what is going on.

For the record, everyone who has challenged Dark Sniper in Madden has fallen beneath him in Madden 2009. Would you like to be next?


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