Geo-political Simulator Review: Running The World… Or Ruining It? (TrueGameHeadz)

MarkyX from TGH writes:
"I wouldn't mind the anarchic nature of politics, if the game gave me an idea on what the hell I'm supposed to do. There isn't a manual that comes with the game (or at least not in PDF), and the tutorial is simply non-interactive movies that show you how to navigate the interface. Otherwise, when chaos strikes your beloved country, you are out there on your own. The most common example of the frustration in my games was the labor unions constantly protesting when I cut income tax by half a percent. Now why are they protesting? I don't know, they just keep saying they are pissed off at me. It would be nice if the game would advise me on what to do, or at least tell me why the union wants to bite off my head. Instead, all I get is some barely pseudo-English words being spewed at my direction..."

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