Ten Characters that Should Be in Street Fighter IV

After putting seven to eight hours into Capcom's hotly anticipated Street Fighter IV over the last few weeks, it became apparent that there's a real lacking of female fighters on the roster. Out of the 25 fighters currently represented, only four of them are female. And if you exclude Chun Li, a regular for almost any Street Fighter title, then you have even less. So with that as a starting point, it's became even clearer of what fighters are currently missing that would go over well with the Street Fighter fan base. Sure, Yoshinori Ono has said time and time again that no download content would be released for Street Fighter IV in the form of character downloads, but with the lack of Street Fighter III love, we can only hope and dream of these fighters showing their face in updates after Street Fighter IV releases.

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Valkyrie833543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

Personally I want to see some of those characters coming as DLC, has Capcom ruled that out per the article?

sloth33953543d ago

I think Capcom said there wasn't going to be DLC

UltimaEnder3543d ago

I've heard that too.....really blows but maybe a little cash will change their mind (wink Microsoft wink)....

Marceles3543d ago

Supposedly there's DLC if you get the collector's edition

bassturd3543d ago

they said no new characters would be downloadable, I know that.

But I thought I read there would be DLC in the form of costumes. Somewhere I heard/read it...don't remember. Whatever! I wouldn't buy it anyway.

Nightblade3543d ago

but what happened to T-Hawk, Rolento, Guy, Dee-Jay, Sodom. I mean I know some of these are in the Alpha series but, what happened to em?

Chaos Striker3543d ago

From what I see, most of the characters mentioned made their first appearance in SFIII. Considering that SFIV's timeline is between II and III, it wouldn't be logical to put them into the game.

Tainted Gene3543d ago

yet its logical 4 capcom 2 include the alpha roster, the time difference from alpha is about the same (about 5 years)from 3rd strike.
""I'm confused I thought this, this, and that..

There's alot of confusion when it comes to the official SF storyline and what happend and what didn't, and what was/is just from the movies, comics, etc, so here are couple of things to help people clear up certain mis-info....

- The timeline of the games are as follows...

SF1 - 1987
SFA2 - 1988
SFA3 - 1990
SF2 - 1993
SF4 - 1994/1995
SF3: Second Impact - 1998
SF3: Third Strike - 1999 ""

UltimaEnder3543d ago

Exactly, I'm not sure the word "logic" and Street Fighter IV story elements should be used this is a fan's hypothetical list....not something that can stand the true test of wikipedia searches....

Nightblade3543d ago

T-hawk and Dee-jay was in II, so what could have happened to them?

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