Christian Group Preps To Attack Wii

The Porn Talk, a site backed by a secretive faith-based ministry in California, is prepping to attack Nintendo's Wii and other gaming devices, calling them "portals to porno" in a press release.

In the press release, leaked to Kotaku today, The Porn Talk founder Mike Foster does his best to stoke up some fear about the Wii saying that even though the device has parental controls, "parents don't see a need for them because they are unaware of the porn capabilities."

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THAMMER14440d ago (Edited 4440d ago )

But I will not agree that the Wii, PS3, or 360 hare the problem here. The problem is neglectful parents. If you buy your child a multi media device or computer you need to take e the necessary steps to prevent your child from being exposed to the wrong materials.

I have a little 4 year old girl and a boy on the way and I have to take responsibility for what they encounter in my home. If your child can access porn in your home you are the problem.

I hate that people try to use the mob mentality / religious obligations to push an agenda.

Oh yeah they probably suck at video games too. Tip to the dummies: Get a freaking HOBBY.

GaMr-4440d ago (Edited 4440d ago )

I rarely do this but. I agree with you on this one %100. I hate that everything on gods green earth takes the blame because parents arent doing their job right.

*EDIT* (is that better) ; )

eclipsegryph4440d ago

Do you agree or disagree with THAMMER1? He's saying that this is an issue of parental responsibility (something which I'm surprised that I agree with THAMMER1 about, myself), while your final sentence said that you "...hate everything ...being blamed for parents negligence."

But yeah, these people piss me off as well. That's the same kind of mentality that managed to get a theater operator to change his marquee for "The Vagina Monologues" to "The Hoo-ha Monologues". >.>

GaMr-4440d ago

I see what you mean. Its the way I worded it. I kinda confused myself just now. What i'm saying is. Video games,Movies,Media get blamed for alot of things and I think this is wrong. Its actually parental neglect thats the real culprit.

whengeeksgobad4440d ago

I agree. This is a case where people simply want another entity to assume responsibility for child protection. I don't see these watchdogs pointing the finger at apple or dell or anyone else suggesting they are building vehicles for pornography. These machines/consoles are simply tools. Much like a car, I can run over pedestrians or I can drive to work, or both, but whatever I chose to do with it has nothing to do with mitsubishi.

zmanacura4440d ago

Just for clarity they're not saying that the Wii or any other gaming system is responsible they're merely stating the fact that porn is accesible through these various outlets.

Wii has been advertised alot as a family system. It'd be easy for an adult to overlook the possibility of porn on a system like this.

Rooted_Dust4440d ago

Why do these groups always need to focus on one negative social aspect? How worthless are these people that they need some kind of crusade to give their lives meaning? And why would you name yourselves Porn Talk? Sound like an Erotic call service, they must get some interesting phone calls.

ChickeyCantor4440d ago (Edited 4440d ago )

i hate it when people fail to do their duty's and then blame it on something/some one else.
it makes me sick!

i dont have kids, but damn not even my parents blame others if we dont listen to them XD

zmanacura4440d ago

They're not blaming it on something else. They're merely stating the potential for there to be pornographic images on the wii.

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