Neocrisis: President Obama's New Blackberry

Neocrisis: President Obama gets to keep his Blackberry with an NSA approved device.

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DX F3NIX3545d ago

awesome...what a smart and laid back president we go fix the economy

LeonSKennedy4Life3545d ago

It usually takes about 10 years for a president's decisions to affects the economy.

We're living in the Clinton aftermath, currently.

DX F3NIX3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

it's pretty much the bush aftermath...if you paid attention to your history we as a country had a surplus (under Clinton admin.) which was unheard of since FDR. The economic times where booming jobs where available left and right, stocks where high, interest was low etc...I mean everything was if Bush played his cards right and followed the example Clinton set then we wouldn't be in this situation now would we...but bush being bush meaning being a [email protected] he didn't care much for the middle class to low class he screwed us and took care of his people "the top 1%" wealthy...of course people didn't expect this to happen "today where we stand"...I have no idea where he got the idea of going to war would fix our economy and end i said bush is a [email protected] swear on my uncles grave when he died in Iraq god will punish bush...

ThanatosDMC3545d ago

Clinton, FTW! He was an awesome president. Didnt really care that he was banging some other women. I mean, Hillary just seems to have balls under the hood... and what man would want an extra pair of balls near his crotch?

I want Pres Obama's future phone!

mrdxpr23545d ago

And the war and the billions of dollars president bush had been spending on that to stop terrorist ok beleive it if u want i say oil...that war has taken the economy down

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DX F3NIX3545d ago

you mean the bush aftermath no matter what i blame bush for all this crap....

VMAN_013545d ago

Funny because in these economic times Obama's innaguaration costed 100mil$ while Bush's 20mil$ irony much?

DX F3NIX3545d ago

100 million pretty much for his protection...i mean it's not everyday a "black person" is elected president.

FinalomegaS3545d ago

to comment on that, I don't recall Bush having that many people come to his. That was the biggest show of the century, how were they going to fund all those public washrooms ,activities celebrities etc? With a IOU?

Irony would be the fact that Bush can now relax at his Texas ranch and watch the disaster he made for a black man to clean it up.Once Obama has he should be deemed for going down in history for many important fact that has transpired.

I may be Canadian but I wish the best for you guys down there, you have lived 8 long years in a box. Time for you guys to break free!