New Final Fantasy XIII Trailer is Somewhat Impressive

Andrew Weymes of The Nightly Gamer writes: The new Final Fantasy XIII trailer has been out for a few days on PSN. There is a lot to get excited for just from watching this trailer. It probably has the most gameplay footage most unmotivated gamers have seen thus far. This article is a general analysis of the good aspects of this trailer, the bad aspects of this trailer and the game overall.

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swiftshot933545d ago

i didnt like FF12, but i cant wait for this!

La Chance3545d ago

the trailer looked really cool though in my opinion there was too many guns , robots etc.
I prefer a more fantasy look than the shooter kind of look FF13 has.But it still looks really good.Impressine indeed.

Its going to be a long long wait.

MrWeymes3545d ago

It certainly looks good, but I wish Square Enix would adapt the art style a bit. I am one of the few people that thought Final Fantasy 9 was an awesome game with an endearing art style. 7 and 8 were unique as well, but since 10, it all looks the same.

La Chance3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

FF9 is my favourite game ever.
Youre not alone lol , me too I would love SE to go back to a FF9 kind of style.

Homicide3545d ago

I agree with you lachance. While I like this new look, I prefer they make a new IP out of it and just keep Final Fantasy with the medieval theme. I'm currently playing FFIV, and I'm loving every minute of it. FFIX and VI are among my favorites.

MrWeymes3545d ago

I suppose it goes against the opinions of most, but Final Fantasy 9 is my favorite of the PS1 era. I though 7 was great, as well as 8, but I loved the unique style of 9. It truly feels different than all of the others.

I'm worried that FF XIII is going to be too similar to the last couple of games.

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Return Of The Bad Gu3545d ago

Nomura,how's about you step outside the box a bit for Final Fantasy 13s Artstyle?You're doing so with Versus 13,do the same for FF13.

No FanS Land3545d ago

I just hope however I had a DL problem with the video on my PS3, because, there are some gameplay parts where it lagged.

Homicide3545d ago

The battle system looks pretty impressive. Kind of reminds me of a fast-paced Xenosaga.

GVON3545d ago

Still not sure about this yet,The cutscenes are sexy looking,but I thought the fight areas especially the ice section were bland looking with nothing going on.
I really need to get the demo or actually see footage of someone actually playing,interacting with environments and stuff and not just a trailer before I can get hyped though,
I am concerned we still haven't seen such footage yet,i'd expect it at E3 but god knows when we're really going to see it.

MrWeymes3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

There is supposed to be a demo of Final Fantasy XIII on the Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children Blu Ray, so when that comes out, I'll write a demo impressions article on The Nightly Gamer.

I'm also excited for Star Ocean: The Last Hope. As a big fan of JRPGs, and the series in general, I will review Star Ocean: The Last Hope for sure.

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The story is too old to be commented.