Revealing The Power of DirectX 11

No matter whether we've got a low end or high end system, we all expect the realtime 3D revolution to continue until we achieve near parity with reality. The push forward is backed by many factors including pure hardware performance and brilliant advances in techniques for better approximating what we see. But there's another side to the equation beyond just hardware and developers: there is the graphics API.

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Bnet3433572d ago

Crysis 2 ... DX11 ... lord have mercy on our souls

Lord Anubis3572d ago


I only take the dead.

FantasyStar3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

That's too much for me to take The only real thing I got from that article is the push for Multi-threading and emphasis on tessellation. Does that mean we'll start seeing more mainstream multi-GPU core cards now?

One thing that did strike me is how the article didn't mention any middleware.

phosphor1123572d ago

Not with console gaming on the rise and Windows OSs dropping for Linux. OpenGL will have to do. They have some great ideas for this, don't get me wrong, but I don't think it will happen..I'm glad though..this is the kind of stuff I'm majoring in lol...

FantasyStar3572d ago

If developers get on board for DX11, we might see. Just a loose analogy.(see below)

DX7 did good
DX8 did bad
DX9 did great!

Now it's like this now...

DX9c did good
DX10 did bad
DX11 did ????? (Great? Pattern's there)

cherrypie3572d ago

"don't think DX11 will catch on too much
Not with console gaming on the rise and Windows OSs dropping for Linux. "

You _must_ be kidding right? OSX and Linux COMBINED are about ~5% of the desktop market.

Get real. DX11 will be like every DX before. It will take time for uptake as hardware catches up, users will come to expect it, technology marches on and on and on.

You're not being honest if you think that linux is even REMOTELY relevant in gaming. In web serving? Yes. Little else outside that.

evrfighter3572d ago

Its not that DX10 did bad. It's just that it failed to set the standard like everyone thought it would. As far as performance goes it's still runs just as well as dx9. This only goes to show how refined dx9 is.

fire233572d ago

For people that don't realize that programmer's are shifting to a universal set, look at Steam, they are preparing a linux version. Then you have the PS, and Nintendo brands, as well as phones.

DeadlyFire3572d ago

DX will be another upgrade to DX10. It will last for about 3-5 years and then 12 will come about.

It will catch on. Next Xbox is likely to use DirectX 11. So even the console will have it.

zagibu3571d ago

Hey, phosphor and fire, why are you spoiling the surprise? Just keep quiet for now, it's coming.

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FinalomegaS3572d ago

i'm scared to even read the article *fear*

JasonPC360PS3Wii3572d ago

Great... need to sell a kidney so I can upgrade my PC.