Game Reactor: Halo Wars Preview

Halo Wars was announced at Microsoft's X06(2006) to an enthusiastic audience. It told of how the game would be played out 20 years before the events in the first Halo. When it became clear that Bungie would not have any involvement in the game, except to assure that the "Halo-feeling" was there many were a little worried. Would Halo Wars hold at the seams?

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JaggedSac3544d ago

Another positive preview for Halo Wars

Xbox Street Gang3544d ago

I don't know anybody buying this game...

IQUITN4G3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

As well as myself, four of my friends are also very much looking forward to this

gaffyh3544d ago

Lol, I'm guessing it's because the name "Halo" is in the title. If so, all 5 of you will all be highly disappointed with the game.

If you're buying it because you like RTS on console, then you will probably like this game.

IQUITN4G3544d ago

hmmm yes we are all of us very dumb and would in fact buy Halo Scrabble the moment it came out.Just anything with the Halo name is fine