10.0 Killzone 2 Review

- Great Graphics
- Great soundtracks
- AI of the opponents/fellow combatants
- 32 Slot Multiplayer
- Story
- Realistic Gameplay
- Community management

- No Co-op mode
- Relatively slow-acting controls

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DavidMacDougall4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

Nice thats just what i needed if this game didn't get 3 10/10s i wouldnt buy it

KillzoneKid4455d ago

at meta KZ2 has got 5 10/10 from 15 websites

KZ2 will have 20/30 perfect scores when all reviews are in at META

and it will get 10/10 from atleast 100 websites worldwide

Maddens Raiders4455d ago

to me what 10/10 means? Is that good?


KillzoneKid4455d ago

jump on the PS3 and KZ2 bandwagon if u havent till now

Timberland2K94455d ago

the cry before the storm lets go KILLZONE 2

"Sudden Death Means You Die Suddenly"

KillzoneKid4455d ago

SF4/Halo wars/Fear 2 --all those games will be Killzowned

KillzoneKid4455d ago

KZ2 will outsell SF4

every game in Feb will be killzowned

mark me on that

just wait for more reviews to see a PREORDER explosion of KZ2

PixlSheX4455d ago

Hey killzonekid. You're starting to be annoying. We all know that killzone 2 will be the sh!t and the best fps ever. You just don't have to remind that every 5 minuts man.

Whatever.. I agree with you on everything man xD.

chanto234455d ago

street fighter 4 is multiplat and is coming out in will sell more on the PS3 off course. but KZ2 will probably outsell any other game and will become the best ps3 exclusive (sales-wise) in the states

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Return Of The Bad Gu4455d ago

Did I mention how kickass the Playstation 3 is?

San Frandisco4455d ago

PLAYSTATION 3 IS [email protected]!!

"play free or kill hard"-

KillzoneKid4455d ago

Now is the time to play beyond

Liquid Snake4455d ago

lol simple jack. I just watched trophic thunder last week. what a classic movie.

KillzoneKid4455d ago

so scores that u get are 9s , 9.5s ,9.5+s and 10s

easy as that

tharealest4455d ago

GOTD game of the decade
GOTF game of the forever

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The story is too old to be commented.