Gaming XP (German) Killzone 2 Review

Killzone 2 Review from Gaming XP.


The review has 5 pages.

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TheColbertinator4455d ago

I know Gaming XP is a Meta approved site but this review is too damn short

Timberland2K94455d ago

I can't wait for gamespots I hate short reviews because trolls and xbots just look at the score

KillzoneKid4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

Gaming Xp is listed at meta

another 9+ for KZ2

well more 10s ,9.5s and 9s are incoming


GamingXP gave Gears 2 -8.5

and R2 -8.5 too

so KZ2 >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>gears 2 and R2

Liquid Snake4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

Steven there are 5 pages of the review. Just the translator screws up the pages.

KillzoneKid4455d ago


there are 5 pages of the review

only the last page with score is linked at meta

interrergator4455d ago

i want a video review on gamespot and gametrailers

KillzoneKid4455d ago

they are also co-owned by Microsoft

GT is owned by mtv and has a 500m marketing deal with microsoft

Gamespot is owned by CNET which is partially owned by Microsoft

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Return Of The Bad Gu4455d ago

Keep those 9s rolling in,I'm enjoying the tears streaming down the faces of the buffoons without Ps3s

Liquid Snake4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

Sorry for the rough translation guys. I couldnt find a good summary for the story. If someone can PM me a summary i will gradly update it.

(I dont speak German)

KillzoneKid4455d ago

Gaming XP gave Gears 2 - 8.5
and R2 - 8.5

They gave KZ2 -9.3

so that should give you an idea about the awesomeness of KZ2

KillzoneKid4455d ago

that it is the BEST FPS ever made


killzone2flop4455d ago

WOW so it must be awesome but does it want me to run out and purchase a ps3 NO it does not....Why you ask....well its a pathetic generic crap game and it has Sony written all over it thats why.

KillzoneKid4455d ago

girl go change your diaper

we are having a mature conversation

small kiddo's like you should just stay out of this

cereal_killa4455d ago

killzone2flop aka PP

You try so hard yet you FAIL so bad.

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KillzoneKid4455d ago

Gears 2 -8.5
R2 - 8.5

KZ2 - 9.3

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