Leaked Sanbox Gameplay Picture

A new gameplay picture has just surfaced that internet of third map in the Mythic Map pack, Sandbox. It looks very interesting up close.

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Mindboggle3572d ago

Wow Halo looks so outdated now compared to Killzone, Gears and COD

outlawlife3572d ago

thats probably because it is, halo 3 is really a stepping stone to what this gen has turned into

although halo 3 still has one of the best lighting systems, it just doesn't have the geometry in the landscapes to show it off outside of the campaign

thereapersson3571d ago

The gameplay is still there, though, and that's what counts.

gaffyh3571d ago

How did this get approved with such a huge spelling mistake in the title? Wtf is "Sanbox"

I am aware that the mistake will probably be fixed soon, but my comment will remain :)

InMyOpinion3571d ago

I don't think that particular screenshot is representative for what Halo 3 looks like.

These are better I think.




It's nowhere near Killzone 2 or Gears 2, but the graphics are certainly acceptable.

Like reapersson said, it's all in the gameplay. Currently trying to get past wave 39 in Gears 2 Horde mode. So addictive...

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bohemian 233572d ago

If you ever just walk around and look at certain objects it actually looks pretty damn good. It's obviously not a Gears or Kz2 looking game but gameplay blows away Gears and I would bet KZ2 as well.

Fishy Fingers3571d ago

Graphics have come a loooooong way in 18 months huh.

jkhan3571d ago

Actually BioShock was released a month before Halo 3 and it looked miles better. The only thing good about Halo 3's graphics were the lightening. Otherwise the textures and other than Master Chief's character model every one else looked dated. The gameplay was there and it was an absolute blast to play, but then again there wasn't anything that was changed from Halo 2 to Halo 3. It was the same game in terms of gameplay with some minor tweaks. Multiplayer is where Halo 3 shines and I don't play online that much so I guess i just missed the best bit.

killzone2flop3571d ago

Now thats what you call Awesomeness.

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